My Pumpkin Book

This is a cute learning book you and your child can make together.
The book teaches your child how a pumpkin grows to become the perfect pumpkin for them to pick when they search for one in a pumpkin patch.
pumpkin book
Want to know how a pumpkin grows? This little book teaches your child in the most simple way how a pumpkin grows.
Also, you are able to personalize it with pictures from your pumpkin picking day.

To make this adorable book all you need is:

Construction paper, Crayola Crayons, a Green or Black Sharpie Marker, Scissors, Elmer’s Glue and Pictures of your pumpkin picking day.



First, fold in half five pieces of paper and cut along the crease. This will make you have ten sheets of paper ready to use.


On your first page you will draw a giant pumpkin for your child to color and write the title and who it belongs to.

IMG_2271 IMG_2276


The next page is about the pumpkin seeds.

“A Pumpkin is first a seed we plant in the ground.”

I cut out three white seeds and drew a line on the paper for the soil line. Mia colored the soil brown and then glued the seeds on the paper.

IMG_2273 IMG_2274


The second page is about the plant.

“After weeks of watering the seed turns into a plant.”

I cut out a plant shape with green paper and had Mia color the soil brown again.

IMG_2280 IMG_2282

The third page is about the flower of the pumpkin.

“Then a yellow flower will appear where a pumpkin will grow.”

Print out the picture of the flower if you would like so that you can glue it to this page.

IMG_2284 pflower

For the next three pages you will need to cut out three different size pumpkins and three different colors. The littlest pumpkin will be green, the middle sized pumpkin will be yellow and largest pumpkin will be orange.


“When the pumpkin starts to appear it is small and green.”


“The pumpkin will then turn yellow. And get a little bit bigger.”


“At last it will become big and turn orange.”


Take a couple of pictures of your child picking a pumpkin out in the field and glue them to this next page.

“And your perfect pumpkin will be waiting for you to pick it to bring home.”


On the next page glue a picture of your child decorating their pumpkin.

“When you get home you may decorate your pumpkin any way you like.”


On the last page glue a picture of your finished pumpkin.

“Your pumpkin is happy now that it has a home with you!”


Mia and I loved looking at all the pages and reading about how a pumpkin grows.

IMG_2293 IMG_2294

From my Momee Craft corner to yours… Happy Fall Crafting!

Hope your child loves their Pumpkin Book as much as Mia does.


Here are some Pumpkin Facts we received at the Suffolk County Farm today. We had a great time learning about how pumpkins grow and going out and finding our own pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.



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