Pumpkin Dice Game


A fun and easy game for your family to play. This Halloween game will help your child recognize a dice and know numbers 1 through 6.
A great learning game; whoever is able to have the luck of the dice and build their pumpkin first wins. 


To make this game you can either print the picture above or write out and draw your own playing sheet.

Using foam sheets or construction paper ( I used foam) make your pumpkin pieces.

You will need an orange pumpkin body, a green stem, purple or black nose, two eyes and a mouth per person playing. All the pieces are shown in the picture below.


You are ready to have fun playing the game with your family. My 3 year old is still getting used to playing games so I have to explain that she needs to take turns with the me while playing and that she has to wait till she rolls the dice and gets each number to build her pumpkin.

IMG_2238 IMG_2236

She was recognizing the dice numbers and what part of the pumpkin she was getting each turn. She was having a lot of fun and excited to roll the dice each turn.

IMG_2248 IMG_2253

IMG_2244 IMG_2250

Mia is a great sport… Momee won the game by building her pumpkin first and she cheered for me because win or lose the Pumpkin Dice Game was so much fun!

IMG_2259 IMG_2263

Have fun playing your new Halloween Game!

* I was inspired to make this game after playing the game Cootie with Mia*

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