Frozen Inspired Gloves

Adding to our Frozen decor I decided to make simple Frozen inspired Elsa Gloves.

They are not like the ones Elsa wears in the movie but I think they are adorable.

So easy and so cheap to make.


To make these all you need is:

IMG_4231 IMG_4234

A light blue pair of children’s gloves ( I bought mine at the craft store for $1.00)

A Darker Blue Ribbon ( I had sparkle in mine)

A silver snowflake ornament

A free Elsa clip art image

1 string of white yarn

Hot Glue Gun


First, print out your Free Clip Art Image of Elsa’s face

Get this image and more —–> click here

For toppers, stickers or labels.

Next, cut out the image and glue it to one of the gloves.

Then, glue the snowflake ornament on the other glove.

Take the two pieces of ribbon and glue it to the wrist part of the gloves.


Last is the yarn. Have a long piece of white yarn and tie a bow into the center.

Glue the ribbon to the inside of the glove.  Once glue has dried then, add to your wall as a cute decoration.


* You do not have to add the yarn and then your child can wear these gloves as their winter gloves or for play.*


From my Momee Craft Corner to yours… Happy Frozen Crafting!

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