DIY Hanukkah Gelt Tree

 Celebrate Hanukkah by making your own Hanukkah Gelt Tree.


An easy and affordable craft to keep on your table for Hanukkah.

For this craft you need:

Medium Sized Terra Cotta Pot

Silver, White and Blue Acrylic Paint

Small Mesh Favor Bags (found at dollar store)

Hanukkah Gelt Chocolates

White Construction Paper

Blue Marker

A large Tree Branch from outside with lots of little branches connected to it

A piece of light blue felt

Styrofoam square


Paint your Terra Cotta Pot Silver and your tree branch from outside white.

IMG_4331 IMG_4332

We need to make our Gelt bags. Using the white construction paper make small squares and write numbers 1 through 8 on them with the star of David on each one. Glue the pieces of paper on each bag and then put the chocolate gelt in the bags.

IMG_4333 IMG_4334


Once the silver dries then paint with blue paint the Stars of David and write Hanukkah on the rim of the pot.

Put your Styrofoam square into the terra cotta pot and put the light blue felt piece on top. Insert the white branch and hang your gelt from the branches.

I added some extra gelt on top of the felt. You can never have too much gelt!

IMG_4337 IMG_4347

Your centerpiece is complete!

Happy Hannukah Crafting from my Momee Craft Corner to yours

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