Make Play Snow with Two Ingredients!

Make Snow for Indoor Play!

It feels and look like snow! This recipe is so simple and easy to do a toddler could do it.

snowmanplay IMG_9987

All you need to make Play Snow is:

3 cups of Baking Soda and 1/2 cup of conditioner

( I recommend a white colored conditioner over another color)

IMG_9972 IMG_9974


Mix the two ingredients together!


It is that easy : )

I used a strawberry scented conditioner which made our snow have a hint of pink color but you can use a white conditioner to get a perfectly white snow.

IMG_9982 IMG_9985


Mia loved playing with the snow while being warm indoors.

It’s amazing that the combination of conditioner and baking soda makes the texture feel like cold snow and molds to make perfect snowballs.

See Elizabeth Hashagen and I make this on News 12 LI … Holiday Help!

Watch the video—-> click here

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