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 This cardboard tube Sven looks adorable as a decoration for Christmas or in your child’s Frozen Inspired room. We love-making crafts inspired from the movie Frozen.

Sven is an adorable reindeer in the movie and is Kristoff’s best friend. I had plenty of toilet paper rolls so I decided to try to make Sven using one for the face and one for the body.

To make Sven all you need is:

2 cardboard toilet paper rolls

Brown and White Construction Paper

2 clothespins

2 gold tinsel pipe cleaners, 1 silver pipe cleaner

Red Merry Christmas Ribbon

1 large jingle bell

1 blue snowflake sticker

4 cotton balls

1 Gerber Baby Food Plastic Container Lid

Black Sharpie Marker

Brown Acrylic Paint

Hot Glue Gun


First, paint the two tube cardboard tubes and two clothespins brown.


Once dry, hot glue the clothespins to one of the cardboard tubes. This will be the body.

IMG_4002 IMG_4009

Now, we need to make the head. You need to cut the gold tinsel pipe cleaner and cut it as shown in the picture below for the antlers. Also, cut two brown construction paper ears. Hot glue the ears and antlers to the other brown cardboard tube.

IMG_4000 IMG_4011

Hot glue the head to the body.

IMG_4013 IMG_4014

Cut out the eyes and tail using white construction paper. Using the brown construction paper cut out the nose, eyebrows and hair.

Cut two pieces of ribbon to wrap around the body (cardboard tube).


Also, cut one piece of ribbon and the silver pipe cleaner for Sven’s Jingle Bell Collar.

Cut out a tag using white paper and attach a blue snowflake sticker to it and write SVEN on the tag.


The plastic Gerber food lid and cotton balls will be where you will glue Sven’s legs to and add “snow” (cotton balls) around him. Hot glue everything down and hot glue the face features to the head cardboard tube.

IMG_4017 IMG_4023

IMG_4031 IMG_4027

Sven is complete!

Happy Frozen Crafting from my Momee craft corner to yours…

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