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The best way to tell if a business is worth going to is by word of mouth and positive experiences. And I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the Setauket Animal Hospital and I even got to experience it myself. If you are looking for quality care for your furry family member than I would recommend giving Setauket Animal Hospital a call.

About a couple of weeks ago I received an email from a fellow Momee Friend Blog reader, Theresa Columbo-Braun. The email included a story that touched my heart and showed how wonderful the care at the Setauket Animal Hospital is.

“Dr. Timothy Brown and his staff took over for Dr. Liu whom I went to in the past. He was o.k. but it was more of a convenience thing than anything else. I met Dr. Brown when I brought my 2 yorkies in for routine shots etc. Spice who is 16 and Frodo who is 3. He was kind and patient and honest with me about whats needed and whats not for both dogs. In other words, for the first time I did not walk out of the vet office paying a gazillion dollar vet bill. That was a bonus! I felt good after I left there. Over the past year my Spice has developed cancer and on 2 occasions Dr Brown has performed emergency surgery on her one time being last week. (His staff stayed in constant contact with me, reaching out to me over the holiday season when she started to deteriorate prior to the surgery as well as Dr. Brown himself. ) Well Dr. Brown was landing from his vacation when Spices tumor opened up on her neck. He text me from the airport to meet him at the hospital so he could operate. So I did. Things were Grimm, I was scared, I kissed my little girl thinking it was quite frankly the last time I would kiss her alive but I knew she was in the best hands possible and he would do all he could to save her. Fast forward… 12:30 am Dr. Brown and Marti his right hand are taking turns watching her, he calls me with an update she’s still bleeding they’re doing all they can to save her- —-at 16—– they never gave up they took turns they never went home. 8 am I walk in to kiss my little girl who survived and I never thought I was going to see again. 1-10-15 she is laying on me as I write this, drain free, tumor free kissing me and thanking me for not giving up on her. So I made a promise to help get the word out on how amazing The team at Setauket Animal Hospital is.”
Below is a picture of Spice at 1 day post operation:


The picture below is Spice (in the middle) posing with her furry siblings Frodo (Left) and Missy (Right)

This picture was taken 3 weeks later after her surgery.


After reading her email, I knew I had to meet this wonderful staff and share her wonderful experience with all of you. Our pets are family members and it doesn’t matter if you have them for a couple of months or 16 years they are your family and you want the best care for them and will do anything to make sure they stay well. Finding a vet for your pet that does recognize that every pet is different and requires different things is important. Dr. Timothy Brown and his staff have just celebrated a year anniversary of being at this location and I am sure they will be celebrating for many years to come.


pictured Left to Right

Dr. Timothy Brown (with his  5 1/2 year old dog Levi) , Marti who is his Veterinary Technician (with her 1  1/2 year old dog Ginger), Kayla, Genevieve and Michelle a Veterinary Technician.

I brought my daughters in to meet with Dr. Brown and his wonderful staff and just saying Hello was a wonderful experience.

Dr. Timothy Brown has been practicing for 8 years now and this is his first year as an Animal Hospital owner and his first year has been wonderful. His successful year comes with the help of a wonderful staff.

My daughter loved playing with both Levi and Ginger and the staff is not only wonderful with our furry family members but our little ones too. : )

IMG_5798 IMG_5799

If you are looking for a great Vet or if you have an Emergency that needs prompt attention and compassion then please give the Setauket Animal Hospital a call:



They are located at:

86 Gnarled Hollow Rd. East Setauket, NY 11733

Website——> click here

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A Big Thank You to Theresa Colombo- Braun for sharing her wonderful experience and her recommendation with us. I hope Spice stays well and with the help of this wonderful animal hospital I am sure she will : )

Momee Friends of Long Island highly recommends Setauket Animal Hospital.

And we have chosen them as a Momee Friends Bright Pick

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