Indoor Gardening for the Family

Bring the outdoors in and get a jump start on Spring by introducing your children to gardening. 


Here are some great ideas from Seeds of Love Creative Enrichment:

Building a fairy or gnome garden.

Fairy Garden in a Planter Pot —> click here

is a great way to captivate a child’s imagination and sense of fun.  Allow your child to incorporate old toys or their own doll house accessories to give them a sense of ownership.  You can also engage their senses by purchasing a variety of scented plants and herbs, like scented geraniums, lemon balm, mint, and lavender.  Other miniature plants, ivy and succulents are also great to add. 

Here are some ideas from the American Association of Nurserymen to get you started thinking about indoor gardening projects for your family.   I’m sure you’ll come up with others!

 Windowsill gardens. 

When snow-drifts keep your kids inside, try cultivating a windowsill garden. All you need is a sunny spot and a few containers of soil. Herbs are an excellent choice for windowsills.

Gardening Adventures: 5 Ideas For Recycled Plant Pots —> click here

 Peculiar plants.

 What kid wouldn’t be fascinated by an insect-eating plant? Many garden centers sell Venus flytraps in their houseplant section. Then visit your library or search the Internet for more information on the natural habitat and growth habits of this unusual plant.

Watch seeds sprout. 

Line a glass jar with a damp paper towel and insert several zucchini seeds between the glass and the towel. Place a lid on the jar, leave it on the kitchen counter, and check the paper every day to make sure it’s still moist. Seeds should sprout in a few days. Or try bush beans instead of zucchini.

Preschool ideas for teaching plants and sprouting seeds. The greenhouse is a cute idea to observe plant growth :)

Sprouting Seeds —-> click here

Decorate while you wait.

 Let kids indulge their natural creativity by painting inexpensive terracotta pots to use next spring, for re-potting houseplants this winter, or for birthday and thank you gifts. Kid-safe, durable paints can be purchased at most craft shops.

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Love and care for a flower —-> click here

Flower Pot People. 

Draw or paint faces on small clay pots and fill with soil. Plant grass seed, water, and watch the “hair” grow.

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Grass Friends—-> click here

Growing plants and being in contact with nature provide many benefits, especially for children.  Indoor gardening is a great outlet for creativity, but provides a great lesson on patience and stillness as well as  delayed gratification by watching the garden grow,  A simple trip to your local nursery and a discount – dollar store, and you’re well on your way to a fun and whimsical journey! 



Happy Gardening!


Ann Marie Aguila Pizano

Seeds of Love Creative Enrichment Inc.


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