Chiropractor: Dr. Amanda Russo

Dr. Amanda Russo is a chiropractor out of Sayville, NY. She treats patients from as early as a few days old and up. She is a family chiropractor whose practice is one your family will love to go to. The atmosphere of her office is very welcoming and family friendly.


In her practice Dr. Russo specializes in:

*Chiropractor Work

*Nutritional Response Testing

*Analysis through Homeopathic Remedies


If you have never been to a chiropractor before I decided to ask Dr. Russo a few questions so those who have very general questions can get answers before getting treatment.

“Chiropractor work is a non-invasive technique”, Dr. Russo explains. 

1. If you were to explain to a child what a chiropractor does how would you define it? 

 –  A chiropractor is a doctor who looks at your spine to see if there is a subluxation. A subluxation is when the vertebrae in your spine move out-of-place and put pressure on the spinal nerves and surrounding tissues that cause discomfort. There are 33 movable vertebrae in the spine of a child. Once the child reaches skeletal maturity (adulthood) 5 of the bones fuse to form the sacrum and 4 of the bones fuse to form the coccyx (tailbone) which leaves 24 movable vertebrae left. These bones are what makes the spine flexible to bend side to side and back and forth. When a subluxation occurs the chiropractor will adjust the specific area to allow the bone to go back to the correct position and relieve the pressure on the nerves and surrounding tissue.

A subluxation is when the vertebrae in your spine move out-of-place and put pressure on the spinal nerves and surrounding tissues that cause discomfort.

  2. What age… how young can chiropractor work be done?   

   –  The first subluxation occurs during the birthing process. Caesarean section, forceps delivery, and suction extraction can place tremendous pressure on a baby’s nervous system.  Even natural birth with intense contractions can cause stress on the baby. This can lead to colic, poor sleeping and eating habits, and constipation just to name a few.  As the child grows it is important to keep getting them checked for subluxations. As they learn to crawl and walk, ride a bike, or begin to play sports there is a lot of stress that is put on the skeletal system and will cause dysfunction. 

The youngest child I have adjusted was 3 days old.

3. Is chiropractor work the same in an adult and a child?    

  –  The premise behind the chiropractic adjustment is the same for an adult and child. It is to remove the subluxation that is causing a problem in that person. The technique behind removing the subluxation is different.  The youngest child I have adjusted was 3 days old. This particular baby boy was having constipation issues and was beginning to become colicky.  The way to adjust a baby is with finger pressure applied to the specific part of the spine that is under stress. As the child grows the bones are forming and require a little more effort than finger pressure to move them. A chiropractor will use their discretion to determine the amount of force needed to adjust the patient because each person is different. A child will not need as much force to be adjusted as a teenager would because their muscles are not fully developed yet. The same goes for a young adult, they would need a little bit more force to be adjusted since they are usually under a lot more stress and have endured a lot in their developing years. An older person might need to be adjusted with less force then the young adult because of osteoporosis and other bone softening diseases.  All of this information is taken into consideration by the chiropractor before the patient gets adjusted.


Can you explain that “pop” we hear when you get adjusted?

Dr. Russo explains, “the sound is the gas releasing in between the joints.” Getting adjusted does not hurt the sound can be the most unsatisfying part to some but, to others the sound does not bother them at all.


Pain is one of the last things to come about and first ones to leave in a non-traumatic situation.

4.What are reasons someone should start seeing a chiropractor?

There are many different reasons for a person to see a chiropractor. Most people will wait until they have pain because they think that if they don’t have pain that they are healthy. Pain is one of the last things to come about in a non-traumatic situation. Many subluxations occur from repetitive motions of everyday living such as vacuuming, driving your car, poor nutrition, or even worrying thoughts. These are just a few examples that can cause a person to go out of alignment.

IMG_6198 IMG_6194

 There are really endless benefits

5. Benefits of getting work done?   

–  Benefits include having more energy, getting sick less often, sleeping better, fewer headaches, and better bowel and bladder control just to name a few.  There are really endless benefits when your brain is able to communicate with your spinal cord and ultimately the rest of your body. This is the greatest effect you get when you’re subluxation free and your body is able to function at 100%.

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Dr. Amanda Russo Chiropractor

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