Popping Snow (Auditory Sensory Activity)

Do you hear that? How cool is that popping sound you hear?

And this is not just an auditory activity but a yummy treat as well.

popping snow

All you need is:

Whipped Cream and Pop Rocks Candy


Mia enjoyed this activity… the popping is not super loud. I did record a you-tube video to show that a 3 year old will enjoy doing this activity independently.

See Video Below


Every child has a unique set of sensory needs.   “Popping Snow” is a great sensory activity that is not only tactile, but also stimulates auditory senses.  Good auditory skills enable children to develop a healthy awareness of their environment, and are necessary in the development of listening, communication, and social skills.

IMG_6350 IMG_6361

Our inspiration to try this came from 3 Boys and a Dog website.

Check out this link for this quick and inexpensive activity!


     * WARNING: a child who has not eaten pop rocks before and experiences it for the first time might not be thrilled with the fact that the candy pops in their mouth. It is one thing to her the candy sizzle and pop on the plate of whip cream. But, to experience the sounds in your mouth could be unsatisfying to some children.*

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