St. Patrick’s Day Kid Crafts

Fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

st patty

We had so much crafting this Pot’ O Gold Necklace

pot o gold necklace

Making links out of the construction paper strips just attach them to one another with glue and this simple rainbow necklace will be complete.

What you need:

Rainbow Color Construction Paper, Glue Stick, Scissors


Glue the strips to form chain links and link them within one another to make a necklace.


IMG_6373 IMG_6376

For little ones I recommend making at least 3 sets of rainbow colored chain links.

The last chain link make sure to connect the bottom two links with it to connect your necklace.


Make a Black Pot and Gold Circle coins out of the construction paper and glue it to the chain link necklace.

IMG_6384 IMG_6392

Your necklace is complete!   : )


The next easy project is a:

Rainbow Hand Craft

hand rainbow

Just trace your child’s hand on the rainbow colored construction paper and cut the hands out.

Also, cut out a Pot o’ Gold and yellow circle gold coins.

IMG_6397 IMG_6399

Glue your image together and it is complete. Decorate around it anyway you want.


4 Leaf Clover Project

shamrock project

All you need is:

White Construction Paper, Green Tissue Paper, Green Crayon, Scissors, Glue Stick and a Black Sharpie Marker



Draw a Shamrock on your paper and cut up your tissue paper into small squares.

IMG_6441 IMG_6444

Then, put your glue inside the shamrock.


Add the tissue paper squares to the four leaf clover.


And your project is complete : )


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