Spring & Easter Sensory Bins

Sensory play is an open-invitation for hands-on exploration and creativity.

These Spring and Easter Sensory Bins are not only cute but inexpensive and keep your children engaged for hours at a time.

sensory bin

Both sensory Bins below are items put into a lasagna aluminum pan found at my local Dollar Tree.

Our Easter Sensory Bin contains:

Green Easter Grass, Plastic Eggs, Jelly Beans, A carrot decoration, a wind-up chick, little bunny figure and cotton balls in a container.


My 3 year-old loves playing with all the things inside the Easter Sensory Bin.

Auditory: she was able to shake up the jelly beans inside the plastic egg and wind-up the chick and hear it move across the table.

Sight: everything in the bin

Smell: The Jelly Beans Smell Fruity

Taste: The only thing edible is the Jelly Beans

Touch: everything inside the bin is safe to touch


Mia discovered the cotton balls were in the bin to feel like a bunny’s tail.

IMG_6552 IMG_6549

* I highly recommend using these bins with kids 3 years old and above since there are small objects they can stick in their mouth.*


Our Spring Sensory Bin:

contains items all found at the dollar store

Green Easter Grass, Yellow Daisy Flowers (artificial), 2 small birds, 2 butterflies, and 4 small bugs


Mia loved this bin and she thought these bugs were not so icky and scary and was excited to play with them.

IMG_6562 IMG_6563

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You can see Elizabeth Hashagen and I discuss the sensory bins on News 12 Long Island’s March into Spring Series.

Airing March 24th, 2015 5am to 8am




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