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Do you have a pile of dirty clothes waiting to go to the dry cleaner? No need to go to the dry cleaner yourself.

Just download the FREE mobile or web app and schedule a pick up time and get your clean dry cleaning delivered to your door within 48 hours.

It is that simple and easy!


The Dhobi provides eco-friendly dry cleaning delivered to your home with one click. Free pickup and delivery, available 7 days a week at the best price”


Allen and Cristina of Oyster Bay recently tried using The Dhobi, and when you’re a very active and very busy family of 5 like this family, saving time and money are so important. The Dhobi proved to save both!


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I heard about the Dhobi from a friend and decided to try out the dry
cleaning service after our current dry cleaner down the block charged
high prices and their hours were inconvenient.  Here is a detailed
review of The Dhobi:

The Dhobi’s website was very easy to use – logging in and setting up
an account only took a few minutes.  It only asked for basic
information, which I was happy about because I am not comfortable with
websites that ask for detailed personal information.

Scheduling a Pickup:
Again, the website was fairly easy to use.  I logged in the
approximate time for them to pick up my clothes, the types of clothes
to be laundered and dry cleaned, and any description on starch,
hangers, etc. that I preferred.

I got the following clothes cleaned: two pairs of pants, four dress
shirts, two sweaters, one winter jacket and one two piece suit.  The
total for all of those clothes came out to under $50.  Compared to my
local dry cleaner, that would have been over $85.

Check out their affordable prices —> click here


I had my clothes piled in a bag and left them outside of my door to
make it more convenient.  The Dhobi picked up the clothes promptly.

The Dhobi delivered all of my clothes during the time that I had
specified.  Again, they were prompt.  Upon delivery, the clothes were
neatly packed in hangers and displayed nicely.  I was very impressed
with this given that I had a number of pieces dry cleaned and

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I would definitely using the The Dhobi again especially since the
pricing and service was excellent.  I may use them together with my
local dry cleaners for now and then fully switch when I am
comfortable.  They also do comforters and Ugg boots, which are useful services for us.  A big thumbs up to The Dhobi for their dry cleaning service!

Momee Friends of Long Island loves the service the Dhobi Dry Cleaning provides. Let’s be honest we are all very busy and being able to have one less thing on the errand list sounds great to me! Oh and the price is much more affordable… this was a no brainer for us.

Check out the Dhobi Website —> click here

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