WILD WEDNESDAY- Preschool Story Time

We had a great morning at Jungle Bob’s Reptile World this morning for a preschool story time. This story time had the kids hopping with excitement as we learned about Frogs with Safari Susi. 

frog storytime

When the kids first arrived we made adorable frog hats that I had found on Pinterest. They were a simple and fun craft to do. See Frog Hats —> click here

A local Momee Friend Stacie and her son Frankie are seen below!

IMG_7929 IMG_7933

The kids also, made Lily Pad Frog Life Cycles on a dish.

IMG_7972 IMG_7973

Story time in the Outback of Jungle Bob’s is not only WILD FUN but educational as well. We read a fun interactive children’s frog story called the Croaky Pokey. The children and caregivers sang along to Five Green and Speckled Frogs which is a great children’s song/ story that the kids really enjoyed.

IMG_7938 IMG_7939

Once the crafts and stories were over the real WILD WEDNESDAY fun began when Susi brought out a LIVE frog encounter that the kids were literally hopping in excitement for.

First, she introduced the tree frog to the kids. A tree frog is an amphibian she explained and is a great kid friendly pet. The frog scaled her arm as if it were a tree (seen in the picture below)

IMG_7950 IMG_7953

When the kids touched the frog they realized he was not slimy but felt sticky.


The kids were able to see Baby Bull Frog’s and they were so cute and small.


And then Susi introduced us to Jabba-Jungle Bob’s African Bull Frog who was much bigger and the second biggest frog in the world.

IMG_7963 IMG_7967

“The most entertaining part about Jabba is his insatiable appetite. Pixie frogs will eat almost ANYTHING that moves in front of them… “

Read more about Jabba on Jungle Bob’s Posse Blog —> click here



We love it there and they are a Momee Friends of Long Island Bright Pick and when you visit you will see why.

DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN HAVE JUNGLE BOB at your school or library? Find out more events@junglebobsreptileworld.com

Want to buy a reptile to become part of your family?

What reptiles would suit young families best?

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