The Book Fairies

These fairies do exist and the lead book fairy is an amazing Long Island Momee who is doing big things in our community. Her name is Amy Zaslansky.

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Amy is a wife and a Momee of three school-aged children out of Bellmore, NY. Her oldest son is Ryan and he is in 6th grade, Jason is in 4th grade and Shayna is in 2nd grade.

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The Book Fairies began in May of 2012 after Amy had sold an online business and needed to find something to do. She knew that something to do was either going to be another business and/ or non-profit. Amy had come across the organization Donors Choose and was inspired to “fill a void.”

It was not until Amy heard of a Hempstead teacher looking for books that the light bulb went off in her head of what her non-profit business would later become and known as The Book Fairies. She thought to herself the Hempstead teacher should not have to buy books because there are plenty of books that are unused by families across Long Island. She has three children herself and kids are always outgrowing books and they are on to the next level of books. Amy and her friends had lots of books to donate and in one week she had over 3,000 books donated. THAT IS AMAZING!

In the first week the amount of donations was remarkable and to date she now has had over 130,000 books donated. Amy is one busy fairy and depends on volunteers to help sort her books and prepare for her FREE book fairs that she provides to those schools or kids in need of books. “Within a 5 mile radius of every town Amy explains, there are kids in our community that do not have books.” The Book Fairies is on a mission and with the help of those in the community donating their unused books all kids will be brought the magic of reading. As soon as I heard about Amy’s mission I knew we had a bunch of books I could donate and fellow momees once they hear about Book Fairies they will donate as well.. With raising awareness of this amazing non-profit I know Book Fairies will continue to grow and become even more successful.

How to donate your unwanted books —-> click here

Do you have a school or place that needs these books —-> click here 

Amy and her fellow Book Fairies could always use volunteers contact Amy to become a volunteer —-> click here

Contact Amy through Email:

or by phone: 516-557-6645


Momee Friends of Long Island supports the Book Fairies and their efforts!

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