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Last Monday we visited with Dragon Gate Martial Arts in Oakdale. Shihan Mike Iannone taught us about Stranger Danger and how to keep ourselves (kids) safe. He had great tips that I wanted to share with all of you.

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As a parent / caregiver we all worry about our kids safety. Will they know what to do if a Stranger Danger scenario arises? As parents and caregivers we need to educate our kids on Stranger Danger and provide them with tools to keep them safe if they get lost in a public place or if a stranger approaches them. Below are some useful tips that are perfect to start a conversation with your kids TODAY about!

Tip #1:

Things our children should know are personal information. Such as phone numbers, 911, address, parents’ names.

On Pinterest I saw this great idea to help our kids remember their phone number. Lets face it with telephone technology, no one knows people’s phone numbers anymore.

 Safety for kids Found on 

Tip #2:

When out shopping or at a sports event, etc. , predetermine a meeting place.

Tip #3:

A child must know to do everything possible to keep from getting in a car with a child predator. (Scream, bite, punch, kick, etc.)

I loved this image I saw on Pinterest:

"Stranger danger," isn't enough to keep our kids safe. This infographic is a good place to start with children to teach safety strategies both online and in the real world.

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Tip #4

If your child gets lost : go to a store cashier or a mother with children.

Child safety and how you should teach your kids about tricky people. "Tricky" is the new "stranger" term.

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Tip #5

If your child gets lost in a parking lot:

*Run between cars

*Pull doors and bump cars to set off alarms

Tip #6:

In a store children need to create attention.

They should scream and shout, “I don’t know you, KIDNAPPER!”

Run and escape

Knock things off shelves

Another Pinterest Pin I saw was a Stranger Danger Whistle you can make.

Stranger Danger Whistles for kids. #safety #kids Found on

The other thing that Shihan Mike Iannone taught us were the 10 Lure of Child Abductors. He told us what they are and gave us examples of each lure.

They are the:  (1)Gift Giver will try to make you trust them by offering you gifts. 

(2)Friendly will shower you with compliments and attention.

(3) Messenger will tell you they were sent by your parents to pick you up from school or anther activity.

(4)Magician will gain your trust by knowing things like your name, parents’ names and where you live.

(5)Helpless will trick you by pretending to be hurt or handicapped.

(6) Leader may pretend to be a police officer, security guard or teacher. 

(7) Game-Player will try and get you to play games with them.

 (8)Cool they seem to be cool or have cool things but does not mean they should be trusted.

(9) Promisor will tell you they won’t hurt you and that it is okay to go with them. They promise!

(10) Scary waits for you to be separated from your parents in public places or around your neighborhood.

The videos that they referenced were:




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Dragon Gate is owned and operated by Shihan Mike Iannone and has been providing exceptional Martial Arts instruction to the Oakdale/Bohemia community since 1999. We provide Training in the Styles of Kempo Taekwondo, Kempo Tai-jitsu, Combat Cardio, and Women’s Self Defense. We run classes for Children’s Martial Arts, Teens, and Adults.

Located at: 4616 Sunrise Hwy South Service Rd, Oakdale, NY 11769

Phone: 631-750-6202

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