Inside Out Library – Sachem

We are always on the lookout for treasures within our community, and as we wrap up Inside Out Week, we invite you to check out the Inside Out Garden at the Sachem Public Library in Holbrook. 


The garden first opened in 2010 and serves as an extension of the library, that is used during the Summer and warm months. Various programs, exhibits and concerts that would typically be held inside the library can now be enjoyed outside. 

The garden, which really is an arboretum, is a safe place for families to bring children, and can be visited anytime to relax, read a book, or to just connect to nature and to one another.  A ribbon walk wraps around an open lawn plaza, and there are several benches for anyone looking for a quiet retreat. 

garden1 garden2

Take a peek at the Inside Out garden the next time you visit the Sachem Public Library.  It’s the perfect backdrop for story time or for a simple change of scenery.


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