Memorial Day BBQ Food Swaps

With the upcoming holiday weekend you are likely to be attending at least one BBQ.

When we gather with friends food and drinks with high calories are often part of the mix. While you don’t want to be “that person” saying “no” to all the food and drink you can try to be conscious of what you eat.

Try out some of these food swaps at your upcoming BBQ’s this weekend:

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Inside Out Library – Sachem

We are always on the lookout for treasures within our community, and as we wrap up Inside Out Week, we invite you to check out the Inside Out Garden at the Sachem Public Library in Holbrook. 


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Inspired by Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

Earlier this Summer, Disney released what some are calling its most successful Pixar movie, “Inside Out”.  The movie touches upon many important topics like family and friends, growing up and coming of age, emotions and feelings, and is presented in such an inventive way that children can easily learn about feelings, and how they affect their behavior and ultimately their choices. Momee Friends have been so inspired by the movie, that we are devoting an entire week to the important message and lessons it delivers.

Inside Out

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Inside Out Week- starting Sunday August 16th

Momee Friends of Long Island was so inspired by Disney Pixar’s Inside Out we are dedicating a whole week to the movie. We all experience emotions let’s have fun all week long doing activities, crafts, and so much more. There will be giveaways too!

inside out

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Can You Escape The Room? Long Island

You and your team are locked in a themed room for 60 minutes. By solving puzzles and putting together clues you get closer and closer to escaping. Will you be able to escape in 60 minutes?

can you escape

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Paint the Town Studio- Huntington


   Last Night one of my best friends hosted a Paint the Town Studio Paint and Sip Party at her house.
It was the perfect Momee Friends Night Out!

paint the town IMG_0478

Paint the Town Studio is located in Huntington on Green Street.

They do on site group art classes. If you are looking for a fun night out, this is what you should do.

The class is a lot of fun, and the artist guides you step by step through the nights featured painting.

My friend has been to the studio numerous times and enjoys it so much that she decided to have an off site party at her house.

Our featured painting was a moonlight and this is what the artist’s painting looked like:

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