Inside Out Library – Sachem

We are always on the lookout for treasures within our community, and as we wrap up Inside Out Week, we invite you to check out the Inside Out Garden at the Sachem Public Library in Holbrook. 


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Trust Your Instincts- Talking about Fear

We live in a world that is unpredictable and can be very frightening to children.  They are bombarded with negative images everywhere and they can even develop fears by simply observing how their parents are affected by every day stress.  It sounds a bit ominous, but fear itself is not entirely all bad.


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Water Color Monsters

Make the fear of monsters go away by making some silly water color monsters.


My daughter loves the movie Inside Out and crafting so we combined the two to make a craft inspired by the emotion fear.

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How to Bring “Joy” into a Big Move


How to Bring “Joy” into a Big Move


Are you like Riley from the movie Inside Out and had to move to a different house and make new friends? Riley had to leave her friends, school, house and her hockey team too. Riley felt many different emotions about having to move. There were times that she felt angry, disgust, joy, fear and sadness. In the end, Riley learned that it was normal to feel all of these emotions when there are big changes being made. She also learned how to make a new life in a whole new state a really happy one. If you’re moving to a new state or town, let’s see if these suggestions can help you!

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Keep your Cool- Talking about Anger with your Kids

Anger is a very strong emotion which everyone exhibits, and when left unchecked, it can lead us to do very destructive things.  Such is the case for Riley in the movie, Inside Out.  Anger is the 3rd emotion or character that emerges when Riley’s Dad tells her that she cannot have dessert if she does not eat her broccoli.  Enraged, Anger explodes and the young Riley has a meltdown.


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Memory Ball Craft

Since we are dedicating our week to Disney Pixar’s Inside Out and we are focusing on our emotions, I wanted to do a craft that involved memories and how they make us feel. See how to take your pictures and craft them into memory balls your family will enjoy talking about.



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