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Chobani is encouraging everyone to “crunch the numbers” by dedicating themselves to living life a little lighter. Whether it’s 100 more stairs a day or 100 fewer calories, how do you plan to stay healthy this year? Simple changes will make huge difference in how you feel.


I have made a lot of dietary changes since February 1st when I joined Weight Watchers. Eating Chobani daily has made the change easier with some delicious flavors to choose from. When I eat Chobani Simply 100 “crunch” I get my “sweet fix” for the day and I am only eating 3 points. You will love the rich and flavorful taste of the greek yogurt and the added crunch is just what you need to be fully satisfied. I have lost 22 pounds in two months and I feel great.


Chobani has shared 10 fun ways to burn 100 calories.

Each day I say to myself I am going to workout today and then I look at the clock and it is time to cook the family dinner and then the night routine sets in. Another day goes by and I did not work out. Well, I can feel better about myself (THANK YOU CHOBANI) because being a busy Momee each day I am a calorie burning machine. I will start to work out too though, tomorrow or the next day or when my youngest goes to pre-school. (Ha Ha)

 Having two little girls I can easily burn 100 calories just by playing outside with them for 23 minutes. How easy, right? Who knew spending 34 minutes cooking dinner for your family or going shopping for 38 minutes can burn 100 calories, too. My daily routines burn calories and I did not even know it. Now, do we get a family dog we always wanted to burn more calories each day by taking it for a walk each day? That’s a huge pro to getting a puppy besides the extra love it will provide for our family, isn’t it? LOL

In what fun ways are your burning calories each day? Check out the list below…

10 ways chobani

I would love to share with you how I incorporate Chobani into my diet each morning…

Breakfast Banana Split

  I make a “Breakfast Banana Split” to start my day. My two-year old and four-year old love these “Breakfast Banana Splits” as much as my husband and I do. A healthy breakfast for your whole family to enjoy and start their day off right.

IMG_9607 IMG_9602

All you need is:

Your favorite Chobani Simply 100 “crunch” Greek Yogurt

1 large ripe banana

3 large strawberries

10 blueberries


First, peel your banana and then slice your banana in half, cutting it long ways. This makes your breakfast look more like a banana split.


Then, slice your strawberries.


Place your banana inside the bowl and add your Chobani simply 100 Greek Yogurt in. Then, surround with your favorite berries. Add the “crunch” to the top of the yogurt and you are all done. The Cookie Crumble is soooooo good!


Within about 5 minutes your family has a fun and fresh, delicious breakfast to start their day off with. I feel good knowing they had a delicious breakfast and it did not take me long to make breakfast before we run around the rest of the day.

I sometimes use the Strawberry Chocolate Truffle flavor which makes for a real dessert- like breakfast. I mix the crunch in ahead of time and serve with fresh strawberries and of course the banana. Chocolate for breakfast? Let’s just say the kids love this one : )

  IMG_9577 IMG_9590


Which flavor will you choose to try, first? They are all delicious!

Strawberry Chocolate Truffle, Blueberry Cookie Crumble, and Mango Cone Crisp

See all the flavors Chobani has to offer … click here

 The pictures above were taken from the Chobani Simply 100 website

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