Troll-tastic Play Date!

We had the best play date at our house over the Winter Break thanks to DJ Daddy O Ent. The kids were able to dance, sing and play with their favorite characters in the comfort of our home.


Our kids were completely surprised when the adorable two trolls arrived at our house. The excitement and smiles beaming from each kids face was amazing.

trollsp-laydate trolls-play-date

The kids were excited to show Poppy and Branch the rainbow wall that we made to take pictures in front of.

We made the Rainbow wall by hanging plastic table cloths from the ceiling to the bottom of the floor. We taped white balloons to the top to make it look like white puffy clouds.

trolls-and-kids trolls-girls

We have to admit, the moms were as excited as the kids to have the Trolls at the house.

troll-and-me trolls-nikki

Peter was so nice and made sure the kids had fun as soon as the trolls arrived. If the excitement of seeing the trolls was not enough the kids were able to dance with the trolls to some very familiar songs.

trolls-dancing-1 trolls-dancing

The kids even got to limbo with the Trolls.

trolls-limbo  trolls-limbo-1

Watch our video below:


After the Trolls left us, the kids sat at the table to enjoy their own little party celebration filled with sugary treats and excitement as they talked about what just happened. Yes, the Ttolls came to our house. AWESOME!

trolls-party trolls-party-1

The kids enjoyed the Troll cupcakes that once they were done eating them they were able to keep the figure from their cupcake. These cupcake toppers were so cute and you can purchase them from Amazon —> here


I had so much fun making the troll inspired party hats.

All you need is: a pack of party hats, felt, scissors and a hot glue gun. I was inspired by this Pinterest Pin: view here

trolls-poke-a-game-and-hats trolls-girls-1

We made the Poke- A – Rainbow Game!


It is so inexpensive and easy to make. I love the Poke a Hole Games as an alternative to a pinata so kids of all ages are able to enjoy it. I decided to make the rainbow by hot gluing 6 plastic cups down in a row, but in a rainbow shape with 5 rows of colors. (since we had 5 kids participating, each child got 6 cups to punch through). Once you hot glue the cup down face up, then you can fill it with prizes and cover it with a piece of tissue paper that is attached to the top of the cup by a rubber band. See my Pumpkin Punch a Hole from Halloween with directions —> here


See more Troll- riffic Pinterest ideas like the ones above: here

We had such a great day! If your child wants to have a Trolls Birthday Party or if you are planning a Trolls inspired event we hope you find this post informative and fun.


Please contact DJ Daddy O Ent to have the trolls at your next event!

Your guests will be so excited seeing the Trolls arrive…


It may have only been a 30 minute play date but, it was the best 30 minutes to our kids. It was fun- filled and they are still talking about all the fun they had. Completely worth it and I highly recommend this great local company that is family owned by Peter and Elizabeth Oliveri.


Phone: 631-278-6741

Website: here

Facebook Page: here

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