Veggie Parmesan Nests

I love getting the little ones in the kitchen to help me. Not only is it fun for them but, it allows them to get excited about food they may never of tried before if they did not make it.

I got my two-year old to eat summer squash and zucchini with this fun and easy recipe.

What you need is:

Zucchini & Summer Squash Noodles ( I got mine already done from Whole Foods)

Marinara Sauce (jar or home-made)

Shredded Mozzeralla Cheese

Canola Oil Spray


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F

Now, let your little one help you A LOT. This is a kid friendly recipe I did with my almost three-year old, “tiny chef”. It may get messy letting your little ones help but, the memories created are so worth the extra clean up. Have them wash their hands before starting, of course! (But, I am sure you already knew to do that because you washed yours, too.)

First, in a large mixing bowl put about 3 cups of zoodles. Break up the large zoodles by hand.Your kids will love getting their hands in the bowl of zoodles.

Tip: *I then put the zoodles in paper towels and tried to dry the zoodles up a bit to get rid of excess moisture*

An adult should break the egg unless your child is old enough to break it without getting the egg shells into the dish, too. Then, beat 2 eggs and pour into the zoodle mixture and mix well.

Spray your muffin tin well with canola spray.

Then, place egg covered zoodles in each muffin space and make a nest shape by using a spoon to make a well in the center of each one.

Have your child, scoop marinara sauce into the center well of each nest.

Then, cover each one with the shredded mozzarella cheese.

If your child is anything like mine she will put a little of cheese on the top of each nest then eat a fistful of cheese.

Who doesn’t love cheese?


Have your child take a break until it is time to eat.

Now, you (the adult) will place the muffin baking tin in the hot oven. Keep the little ones away from this step.

Let the Veggie Pamesean Bites bake for 25 minutes in the 400 degree F oven.

They will be bubbly hot let them stand for about 5 minutes before taking them out and putting them on your serving dish.

Your child will be so excited to try what they just made. But, let them eat it once it has cooled down.




              I am telling you not only did she love making it but, she loved eating it, too!

One of our Momee Friends Marisol, loved seeing my daughter in the kitchen she got her beautiful daughter in the kitchen the next day and she had a successful time making the same recipe as we did.

Please send us your photos we would love to see them of your children in the kitchen.


Inspired from this Pinterest Pin:

   Spaghetti Squash Pizza Nests


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