Animal Farm Petting Zoo

There are some adorable faces waiting to meet you at the Animal Farm Petting Zoo in Manorville.

Now open daily (weather permitting) from 10am to 5pm.

There is so much to do that you can spend the entire day enjoying all the petting zoo has to offer.

Admission includes the walk of the 10 acre nature park, pony rides, puppet show, baby barn and all the playgrounds.


Yes, I said it… the pony rides are FREE! The kids love the experience and if you have a real little one you can walk alongside your child and hold onto them for the ride. Definitely get your camera ready for these priceless photos.

The staff is so nice and helpful when it comes to the kids and making sure that everyone has a great experience.

Pet the baby animals in the Baby Barn. Throughout the year they have adorable babies for your kids to touch and enjoy. We were lucky enough to see the baby chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and pigs in the baby barn. You can also adopt some of the animals at the petting zoo for an extra fee.

The first puppet show began at noon when we were there but, inquire what time the show will begin with the friendly staff. The Puppet Show is a great time to sit and relax and maybe enjoy a snack. The kids love singing along to the familiar songs that are sung throughout the show.

The Playgrounds are awesome! There are three different play areas for the kids to play on.

One playground is perfect for the little kids. (seen below)

Kids 5 and up have a great playground area, too! My kids love the giant slide.

There is also a sand area playground that the kids will enjoy playing in. Once we were done feeding the animals we used the feed buckets to play in the sand and scoop the sand up.

Extras you will need money for are the train rides, the animal machine rides and the food at their concession stand.

The Train Ride is adorable. You will be taken around the nature park for $2.00 / person. The kids love the train ride and seeing the animals that are at along the ride.

The Animal Machine Rides are 50 cents a piece. I always bring a bag of quarters with me. The kids will definitely want to ride on these.

Food is available at the Concession Stand. They have Ice Cream, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Drinks and Chips to purchase.

Most of the time they have the bubble machine going for the kids to run and play in.

*Bonus: You can bring your own food and sit a a picnic table and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Bring your cameras for adorable moments that you will capture of your little ones engaging with the animals.


For an extra $5.00 you can purchase an Animal Feed Bucket or a milk bottle for $2.50 and feed the animals.

We love the Animal Farm Petting Zoo and you will too!

If you love it as much as we do you can become a season pass holder and enjoy the petting zoo year round for just $45 / person. Kids 2 and under are FREE. 

Located at: 296 Wading River Road Manorville NY

Phone: 631-878-1785

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Website: HERE


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