Shopkins Games by Pressman Toys

My girls love Shopkins and we are really enjoying all the games Pressman offers with a Shopkins theme.

And of course, each game contains adorable Shopkins characters whether it is a collectible to add to your collection or used as a game piece. We highly recommend any of these games for the Shopkins fan in your life.

Shopkins Postcard Pals game:

We love card games and this card game is a mix of a match game and “Go Fish”. The Shopkins postcards are so colorful and have adorable images.

“The Shopkins are on a world tour and they have been sending postcards to their friends from vacation spots all around the world. The Shopkins have also sent out one airline ticket for a friend to join them on their tour. Will you be the lucky player who finds it? Players will match and discard their pairs of Shopkins postcards while on the mission to find the airline ticket card. The player at the end of the game with the airline ticket card is the winner.”

Age 5 years and up     Players 2 – 4 players


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Shopkins World Vacation:

This game was very cute and I love the game pieces! We had so much fun collecting all the souvenir tokens to fill our world vacation. Someone got the golden ticket and was so excited to collect her souvenirs faster than everyone else.

“Come join the Shopkins on a world tour! As you travel around the globe, collect souvenirs from the vacation spots you visit in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. You can use Airport spaces to quickly fly to new destinations, but watch out for lost luggage and flight delays that can slow you down. There is one special Golden Ticket in the game that will allow you to collect souvenirs even faster. The first player to return home with four souvenirs (one from each vacation spot) wins the game. Game includes 4 Shopkins collectibles (2 of the 4 are exclusive to this game).”

For 2 to 4 players, ages 4 and up.


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Shopkins Happy Places Moving Day:

The girls and I loved this adorable Happy Places theme game because of the fun board pieces and the challenge of trying to get rid of your pieces while going around the board. The fun twist of possibly having to switch luggage boxes added some excitement to the game. We played this game a few times in a row. The Petkins game pieces are so cute.


“The Petkins can’t wait to move into their Happy Places home! Play as Sponge, Alarm, Teapot or TV as you unpack boxes and organize all of the rooms inside the Happy Places Doll House. Each player has a delivery box full of household items to unpack. Be the first player to unpack your delivery box and put the household items away in the correct rooms to win!”

Age 5 years and up    Players 2 – 4 players

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Other Shopkin Games you will love by Pressman Toys are:

(Click on each image to take you to the Pressman website for full description on each toy/ game)

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4059_shopkins_goshopping.png  4051-06-Shopkins-PopNRaceGame-BoxLeft-MMYY-V# copy

10489_10520_shopkins lunchbox tin 3d hi res.png   4052-06-shopkins-bigrollbingo-boxleft.png

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We thank Pressman Toys for allowing us to play with these really fun Shopkins Games! We highly recommend these theme games for the kids who love these adorable Shopkin collectibles, as much as we do!



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