Paper Mache Easter Eggs

It is a Paper Mache crafty kind of day! How colorful and beautiful are these eggs?

I am obsessed with paper mache because it is so inexpensive and fun to make with your kids. Be sure to cover the area you are working with this is a messy job. Fun and messy : )

It takes about 36 hours for the paper mache to dry! It must be completely dry before you can paint it.

Paper Mache Recipe:
2 cups of flour
2 cups of water
Pinch of salt

Mix flour, water and salt together, well!



First, Blow up your balloon as large as you can without it popping.

Cut strips of copy paper! (I used copy paper instead of newspaper)

Then, dip strips of paper in the wet mixture and place over the balloon to cover your blown up balloon with your paper mache. Easy, peasy!  This is the fun and messy part. Make sure you cover the balloon completely!

Just leave the knot of the balloon out. Don’t cover this.

  Once the paper hardens you can pop the balloon and make a pinata out of it or just use it for decoration. Pop the balloon with a pin and then cut as much of it out as you can. Unfortunately, at least half of the balloon will remain in the balloon.

Kids will love painting them with acrylic paints!
I used the copy paper so you can just paint on a white surface.


Have fun getting crafty! They look beautiful don’t they?

You can see this craft featured on News 12 Long Island on March 23rd, 2018 when it airs on the morning show with fellow Momee Friend, Elizabeth Hashagen!

We showed how you can break it open for pinata fun!

News 12 Link —-> HERE



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