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Our new favorite St. Patrick’s Day Tradition!


“St. Patrick’s Day Fun for your Wee Little One” Silly McGilly is intended for families with young children between the ages of 3 and 9. Because on St. Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish and we are loving this adorable tale.

The book tells the story of the very lovable Silly McGilly. Silly is a friendly leprechaun who enjoys visiting homes and classrooms to play funny little tricks on children throughout the St. Patrick’s Day season. First, children read Silly McGilly’s story. Then, the child, parent or teacher places the Silly McGilly doll by a window on each evening they would like him to come play a trick. The next morning, children will delight in seeing what shenanigans Silly McGilly has been up to while they slept! Maybe he’s left some treats behind such as chocolate coins, shamrocks or St. Patrick’s Day sticker. Or, maybe he’s been up to a little mischief, turning over chairs, writing on the blackboard, or leaving the kitchen cabinets open.

We are having so much fun! Our Silly McGilly is put in a window at night so the Leprechaun knows to visit our home. The girls then wake up in excitement to see what he has done. Our Leprechaun has turned our Toilet Bowl water green and a Love Door filled with construction paper Shamrocks!

We are looking forward to more adventures….

According to Coffey, “part of the Silly McGilly magic centers on each family’s unique creative inspiration in deciding what sorts of fun Silly will have at home or in the classroom, and how often Silly will visit: every day in March, once a week, or the day before St. Patrick’s Day. He can also be made a part of the classroom curriculum.”

How the story writing began…

WRITTEN BY 3 SISTERS FROM LONG ISLAND: Michelle Dougherty, Eilenn Cowley, Victoria Coffey

Silly McGilly was published in 2014.  We began writing in January 2013.The book was written on soccer sidelines, over weekend long playdates with the kids and over the phone. The year was full of writing, re-writing, searching for the “right” illustrator, finding manufacturers for a doll, book and packaging. One of our biggest obstacles was finding an illustrator.  We knew we didn’t want Silly McGilly to look like a traditional leprechaun. He had to be adorable to appeal to young children.  It took us a long time to find an illustrator that could capture his spirit.  We worked closely with Charlotte on character sketches to find the right look.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.”

1. The three of you are sisters (I LOVE IT that you came up with this together)? Out of the three of you who would you say was and or is the biggest trickster?

Yes, Eileen and Michelle are sisters, and Victoria is married to John, their brother. I don’t know that any one of us can claim that title! “


2. Is there a silly Shenanigan story from when you are kids that you can remember that you would like to share? (do you have a picture of you maybe even at St. Patricks Day from when you were kids?

Coming from a busy family of  four, there weren’t too many pictures taken in the Coffey house in the early days!   Ha!  

3. What is one of your favorite Shenanigans that Silly McGilly has gotten into at your home? Any pictures? 

  There are so many.  We love when Silly McGilly is personal to our kids.  My son Stephen is a huge NY Giants fan, so when Silly McGilly photo bombed all his Giants posters and replaced “NY Giants” with “Team McGilly”, he got a huge kick out of that!  

4. Will there be any additions to Silly McGilly? another book? 

We have a Christmas book with Silly McGilly in the works– so stay tuned for that!  

5. What hashtag # do we use when we share a picture with Silly McGilly?



Silly McGilly website is:

**There are coloring pages, worksheets and other printables on their website.**


Silly McGilly a St. Patrick's Day Tradition for Children

We love the Silly McGilly Pinterest. There are so many great ideas for St. Patrick’s Day from activities to edible treats and of course ideas for Leprechaun Tricks!

Follow them on Pinterest: Silly McGilly a St. Patrick’s Day Tradition for Children (sillymcgilly14)

We hope you love this St. Patrick’s Day tradition as much as we do!



Silly McGilly is so adorable and we love having him be part of our home.  You will too!


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