Royal Flower Girl Lottie Doll

Lottie Dolls releases adorable Royal Flower Girl Doll ahead of Royal wedding!

The Royal Flower Girl Lottie makes the sweetest wedding morning gift for your adorable flower girl. She is is beautiful and we love her. Will you be purchasing her for your flower girl?

Royal Flower Girl Lottie is envisioned as the child who will lead Meghan Markle up the aisle to marry Prince Harry in St Georges Chapel on May 19th.

Lottie is going to a Royal Wedding! Her uncle is getting married and he has asked Lottie to be his Flower Girl. Lottie wears a traditional satin Flower Girl dress with pumps and comes with her very own posy to carry up the aisle.”


We absolutely love the Lottie brand of dolls. We love the positive message behind the dolls and that is girl empowerment. Lottie is an empowering brand based on a 9-year-old child and is currently selling in over 30 countries worldwide. From Robot Makers to Fossil Hunters, Stargazers to Ballet Dancers the dolls focus on childhood and encourage kids to be themselves. One of the dolls even accompanied Tim Peake on his mission to the International Space Station, with the purpose of developing girls’ interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.


Company behind famous Duke and Duchess wedding dolls revisit its royal roots!

The release of the Royal Flower Girl comes almost exactly seven years after the company enjoyed huge success with their Prince William and Princess Catherine Wedding Dolls. Then operating under the parent name of Arklu, the company were first off the mark to produce a Kate Middleton engagement doll. The pack featured Kate in her fabulous blue engagement dress and was featured on NBC ‘The Today Show’, People Magazine, CNN, Time, Life and Forbes. Later that year, the company built upon that success by releasing the pair in their wedding attire. The two-doll set payed homage to the royal pair in their stunning best-of-British outfits that so impressed the world when HRH Prince William of Wales married Kate Middleton in April of 2011. Following a launch in Hamley’s toy store, London, the dolls went on to become hugely popular with kids, adults and collectors alike.


The company then evolved to develop its own brand of dolls. After a process of elimination worked out that the first daughter of the newlywedded Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would very possibly be named ‘Charlotte’ – and in recognition of its royal origins – Lottie Dolls was born!

In May 2016, The Prince of Wales visited the offices of Arklu in Donegal where he was presented with the original Royal dolls and a selection of Lottie dolls for his grandchild. The gift was mentioned on the official gift list issued in January 2017.

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will visit to Donegal Photo:- Clive Wasson



My uncle is getting married and he’s asked me to be his flower girl. It’s a very important job. I’m really excited to wear my dress and carry a posy though I do feel a bit shy about walking up the aisle. But my uncle says that I’ll be great. His advice? “Be bold, be brave, be you!”

Included in pack are posy, hairband and Inspired by Real Kids wedding card

*Please note that all other items ordered with the Royal Flower Girl will not be dispatched until this product is available. 

Date of availability: Approximately June 2018

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