Shining Child- Trinity Columbel

Trinity Columbel is a 9-year-old girl from our community who decided to do something extra special on her 9th birthday, this year.

She decided for her birthday this year to have her friends and family give her donations so she can donate those items to a local animal shelter. Trinity has a huge heart and we want to recognize her efforts to make a difference in our community along with her parents. Her desire to help the Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton has made her our Shining Child of the month.

Great job, Trinity!

Keri & Frank Columbel told us, “Trinity decided for her 9th birthday party that she would ask all of her guests for donations to Kent animal shelter instead of gifts. When quests began to ask what they should get her she told me that she didn’t need anything and there is always a chance to get presents. So she said she would give up her presents to help the animals.

I was so moved and nervous , was she sure she didn’t want anything ? Did she realize what she was saying? I didn’t say that out loud I just told her how awesome she was to think of others.

She kept with it and we sent out her invitations and asked the guests for donations and gave them a list of Kent’s most needed items.

She did amazing and her guests really came through . When we brought everything to the shelter two people had to make three trips to bring in all of the donations including 10 blankets she hand tied herself.

We are super proud of her and she amazes us everyday with her kind heart. She takes the time to think of others and helps whenever she can. One step at a time she is changing the world and we are so lucky to call her our daughter.’


The Kent Animal Shelter even wished Trinity a Happy Birthday and shared what she had donated on their Facebook page:

“Happy 9th Birthday Trinity! Trinity asked her party guests to bring a donation for Kent Animal Shelter instead of a gift for her. Thank you for being so selfless and generous to all the animals here! On behalf of all of your two and four-footed friends at Kent, Happy Birthday!”

Thank you so much Trinity for making a difference in our community. You are inspiring others to make a difference, as well.

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