Crafty Inspiration for Back to School on News 12 Long Island

Fellow Momee Friend, Elizabeth Hashagen and I are getting crafty and showing you fun ways to decorate your school supplies on News 12 Long Island.

Will you get crafty and personalize your school supplies for back to school?

It is always fun to personalize your notebooks and binders. I love searching the dollar store for some fun embellishments and searching magazines for fun images and words to add to the front of the school supplies we look at most often.

There is a variety of prints on duct tape and washi tape to add pops of color and fun designs to your books. I love the sparkly decorative ribbon and 3d butterflies I found in the floral crafty section of the dollar store. The colors are bright and pop. The sparkly ribbon fits perfectly down the spine of the binder.


Take your plain paper clips and personalize them by sliding on fun buttons and making sure they stay on with some hot glue.

I love the variety of buttons they have out there for kids of all ages to pick out and find something that they really like.

(Teachers will love this, too)



My daughters love washi tape and there is a variety of washi tape available with bright colors, designs and even characters on them. It is a thin and sticky tape so when you wrap your pencil with it, you will still be able to sharpen your pencil in the sharpener. (as long as there is one layer of the washi tape) My 4 year old can keep wrapping till one whole roll is on one pencil) lol 



I love up-cyling and reusing items for another purpose. I love the idea of making a fun ear bud keychain for your back pack out of a mint container. See full directions (even a video on how to) … HERE


On Pinterest I saw the tic tac container turned pencil sharpener and I loved it!

We all get the little sharpeners with no container and it is so frustrating to use one and make a mess with no where for the shavings to go. The tic tac container is the perfect size for this awesome up-cycle idea.

Just hot glue the sharpener to the inside of the top of the tic tac container (be sure to remove the labels and decorate the container any way you like) and then, pop the top back in once it is dry. You are ready to sharpen your pencils with less of a mess. : )



We hope your kids enjoy these crafty ideas, too!


Be aware:

**** Some of these crafts require using a Hot Glue Gun please make sure an adult uses the Hot Glue Gun when creating these crafts. The Hot Glue gets very hot and can cause serious burns if a child uses it. ***


via News 12 Long Island … “It’s time to talk school supplies! To make them look special, News 12 Long Island‘s Elizabeth Hashagen turned to Anne Caminiti of MomeeFriends of Long Island.”


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  1. School supplies should never run dry. Keep up those Back-to-School prompts so the kids can be prepared for the moment as they are our future.

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