Carson Optical AdventurePak™ and BugView™ for Kids

Let’s get out and explore with our kids with these amazing tools from Carson Optical.

The Carson AdventurePak™ and BugView™ are the perfect gifts for kids to get a better view of animals, bugs, trees, flowers and so much more. We love to hike and explore our local nature centers and we never forget these great tools from Carson. They are high quality products/ tools that we highly recommend. 


“The HU-10 BugView™ from Carson Optical is a “one-hand” bug catching tool. Its thumb operated trapping slider makes it easy to snare even the “fastest” specimens. The 5x power crystal-clear acrylic Magnifier allows ambient light in and lets you see the smallest details with ease. Simply catch a bug then view, once you’re finished examining release.”


My daughters love going out and scoping out areas to see if there are any bugs hanging out for them to check out and identify. The other day we came home and hanging out on our welcome mat was a caterpillar. We were beyond excited and we had to go and get our BugView and get an even closer look. Not only did we get a closer look but, we were able to get the caterpillar out of harm’s way (in front of our door is where someone could step on him) to a safe grassy spot near our tree. 



He rolled up because he was scared at first and then he stretched out and started to explore inside the BugView.



Watch how we used the BugView in our own yard:



You can purchase yours on Amazon:







“The HU-401 AdventurePak™ is everything you need for great adventures! Perfect for backpacking, biking, camping, and all forms of exploration. Includes a compact 30mm compact binocular, flashlight, lensatic compass with true hand-bearing triangulation capabilities, and a combination signal whistle/thermometer.”




You can purchase yours on Amazon:



We love how well these products work and we love getting the kids out of the house and away from their tablets. We can learn so much just by exploring the outdoors. The girls look forward to exploring with us with their binoculars around their necks and the rest of their AdventurePak and Bugview in their backpacks. They make amazing gifts for kids and we highly recommend them.  




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Carson Website—> HERE



Want to look beyond your backyard? We have great guide of Ecology and Nature Centers for you to explore Long Island with your family and please bring along your Carson AdventurePak and BugView! I recommend visiting all of the places listed below with your family. They are all wonderful.

Read more: HERE

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