Les Misérables School Edition- The Gateway

A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and Love!


Audiences can enjoy the show during various showtimes between Dec 1, 2018 – Dec 9, 2018  at The Gateway Playhouse in Bellport.

Les Misérables School Edition is an award-winning musical that tells an epic story about the survival of the human spirit, with music and scenes adapted for high school students and younger audiences.

About the story:

Jean Valjean’s love for Cosette and sense of duty to keep his promise to Fontine, the love between Cosette and Marius, and Eponine’s love for Marius, all represent common types of relationships. These are also the kinds of relationships that many high schoolers are trying to navigate – relationships with parents, intense romantic relationships with each other, and of course unrequited love. Songs such as “A Heart Full of Love” and “On My Own” get to the essence of these feelings and are part of what make the show so exciting for all ages.



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Located at: 215 South Country Rd, Bellport, NY 11713

For more information:
TheGateway.org | (631) 286-1133

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