Cry Babies

We are so excited our Cry Babies have arrived!

These baby dolls are absolutely adorable and they really cry (real tears). When you hear them cry they will also, have tears coming out their big and beautiful eyes and you have to soothe them with their pacifier to get them to stop crying.

“Cry Babies Lala, Lea, Bonnie and Coney come dressed in different removable animal onesies and their own pacifier, with big beautiful eyes and colorful hair. They are the perfect size for kids to carry around with them, with movable arms and legs for additional play-time fun! When they start crying, you can calm them down with a pacifier or by gently rocking them. Not only do they provide endless hours of play, but also teach children essential nurturing skills.”


The line is available at Target and Amazon for $29.99.


In the video below, the girls show you how the Cry Babies work:


We got Bonnie who is in an adorable bear onesie



and Lala who is an adorable mouse onesie



We truly love our Cry Babies and I know your child will, too.



There is also, Coney who is in the bunny onesie and Lea who is in the Leopard onesie.

Which will you get?



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We highly recommend Cry Babies for the child in your life. Makes a wonderful birthday gift or holiday gift. 

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