Robo AliveTM Crawling Spider

The ZURU Toys, Robo Alive spider is awesome for a real Trick not a Treat this Halloween. Know anyone scared of spiders?

We highly recommend the Robo Alive crawling spider and other Robo Alive toys by Zuru. 



• Here come the creepy creatures with the Robo Alive Crawling Spider that comes to life to terrify anyone whoever crosses its path!
• Its innovative robotic advanced technology and realistic colors make it scuttle just like a real life creepy crawly! Will you dare hold it in your hands?
• Ages 4+, SRP $5.99



My daughter helped me make a fun informative video on how the spider works:


We had so much fun playing with this spider thanks to our friends at Zuru Toys . There is still time to pick one up before Halloween.


You can find one at your local Walmart or Kmart and you can find the spider or other Robo Alive robotic pets on Amazon, as well.

Other Robo Alive pets available are: T-Rex, Lizards, Fish, Turtles, Seahorse, and Mermaids. There is even a Robo Alive Junior set which are great for a fun bath time toy. The pets include: Fish, Duck and Croc.


See all the great toys that Zuru has to offer on their website: HERE


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