Mister Sprinkle Christmas Cookie Gift Set

We love our Mister Sprinkle Christmas Cookie Gift Set. It is a fun way to bring the magic of Christmas into your home. 

This cookie gift set can be found on Amazon and comes with an adorable book that includes a sugar cookie recipe, 3 cookie cutters (star, bell, and gingerbread man) and a Mister Sprinkle ornament for your Christmas Tree.

We just used the adorable cookie cutters to make Christmas cookies.

We made these, today so we can make sure that the ones we make Christmas Eve will be just perfect for Santa. We always leave cookies and milk as a thank you for all the great presents he leaves the girls. As you can see by the page in the book, cookies give Santa his powers and we want to make sure he is fueled by our delicious cookies so that he can deliver all the presents to all the good girls and boys. 

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The girls love reading the book. It is an easy reading book with great illustrations. We love reading the book near our Christmas Tree with the lights glowing on our Christmas Tree and the Mister Sprinkle ornament hanging on a tree branch nearby. There is nothing better than feeling of Christmas magic no matter how old you are.




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“The Mister Sprinkle Gift Set is a new family tradition to grow the magic of Christmas!
​The magic begins by reading the Mister Sprinkle children’s book together as a family and learning the secret of how Santa Claus visits children all over the world in just one night. Use the secret recipe and the Mister Sprinkle cookie cutters to make your own magical cookies for Santa.”


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We recommend purchasing Mister Sprinkle and bring the tradition of Mister Sprinkle into your home. We are excited to continue making cookies and enjoying the story year after year. Thank you, Jeffrey Giacoponello & Catrina Adcock for creating such a wonderful Christmas experience for families to enjoy.


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