Play Visions Crayola Products for hours of Fun

Play Visions is introducing a whole line of Crayola licensed compounds, Dough and Slyme.

Check out all the great products offered in this line for the kids in your life who love to play and create.

Crayola Slyme


Kids LOVE Slime! (Parents not so much, am I right? lol)  But, I am sure this is on all the good boys and girls wish list for Santa this Christmas. And they deserve what they love.

Play Visions has sent us the Crayola Slyme to check out and it is super sticky and gooey fun for kids ages 3 and up. This sensory fun, sparkly Slyme drips and oozes out of the adorable Crayola containers for lots of fun. The colors are bright and beautiful and these Slyme sets comes in packs of 3 or 6.

Available at Walmart and Amazon.

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Salon Carry Case


“Your on-the-go Mobile Hair Salon playset. Each playset includes two dough colors, molds, extruders and tools, all in a convenient take along case.”

The girls had fun playing with this play dough set as they cut and styled the hair of the girl and boy molds. It was fun styling with the dough and the tools that came with this carry case.


My oldest daughter felt like she had matching glasses to her creation that she made and that made her have a HUGE smile. 

IMG_6734 (2)


Crayola Products:

See the complete list of the other products available: HERE


Candy Playset

Candy themed playset with a set of unique stamps, molds, cutters and rollers. Contains 2 x 2 oz. dough tubs and accessories.



Ice Cream Set

Welcome to the Crayola Ice Cream Parlor. Step inside and make wonderful ice cream treats that will leave you craving more. Contains 3 x 2 oz. dough tubs and accessories.



Dino Island Playset

Make colorful Crayola dough dinos with a variety of molds. Build a prehistoric landscape of waterfalls and erupting volcanoes. Contains 4 x 2 oz. dough tubs and accessories including a play mat, 6 crayons and 3 coloring pages.



Play Visions has a great line of Crayola products for creative fun. We recommend this line of doughs and slyme for holiday and birthday gifts.

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