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We had the best time at Monster Jam® Triple Threat SeriesTM last night at NYCB Live in Uniondale, NY.

“Featuring eight of the most intense athletes of Monster Jam, fans will witness a fierce battle for the championship with each competitor contending in customized high-powered vehicles: Monster Jam Speedsters, Monster Jam ATVs and of course, the iconic Monster Jam trucks in six events sure to leave fans on the edge of their seats.”

The crowd was revved up with excitement as the monster trucks entered the coliseum dirt floor last night. 

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It was so exciting seeing all the trucks go around the track. Each truck has it’s own personality. I love that El Toro Loco® has steam come out of the nostrils and that the Monster Mutt Dalmation’s tail goes up and down. The personality of the trucks comes out with the drivers, as well. We loved when each driver came out and waved to the crowd. Joe Urie waves his arms up and down like a zombie and that is so fun. 



The eight athletes vying for the championship are: Joe Urie in Zombie, Jack Brown in Megalodon, Bernard Lyght in Alien Invasion, Krysten Anderson in Grave Digger®, Blake Granger in Max-D, Tristan England in Earth Shaker, Kristen Hope in Monster Mutt Dalmation and Armando Castro in El Toro Loco®


What makes the Triple Threat series so cool is that the not only do the athletes drive the monster trucks but, they also drive Speedsters and ATV’s.


The show stopper last night for us was when Tristan England in the Earth Shaker did the moon walk. I have never seen this live and it was incredible.


It was Tristan England’s night because he was the overall event champion.



Whenever we go to a show we love getting souvenirs. I love getting the program. I have a collection of Feld Entertainment programs. They are beautiful and I love looking back at them. At Monster Jam we could not resist the Grave Digger monster truck to take home. It is cuddly enough to sleep with and a new favorite for my daughter.

monster jam


Please note: If you don’t have noise cancelling ear phones for your kids we highly recommend purchasing them ahead of time or buying them at the show. It is very loud and your kids will more than likely need them. Having them made the show more enjoyable for my daughter.

monster jam 5

Such a great family show for all ages!

We highly recommend attending a show near you.

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