Cupid’s Cottages

We love Valentine’s Day and we have constructed some adorable Cupid’s Cottages to celebrate in your classroom or at home.

This “Gingerbread House” has been transformed into Cupid’s cottage by replacing the gingerbread or honey grahams for chocolate graham crackers (because when I think of Valentine’s Day- I think chocolate) and we used strawberry flavored pink frosting. Oh, and we can not forget all the fun heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candy available at the stores. Pick out some of your favorite candies to decorate with.

What you will need is:

*An empty juice or milk container (The orange juice containers that you find at your local deli/ bagel store are a little larger or a milk container from your school’s lunch room would make a smaller cottage)

*Strawberry Frosting 

*Chocolate Graham Crackers

*Assorted Valentine’s Day candies


I will let you in on a little secret. I am not very good at building gingerbread houses. I don’t know how anyone can get these structures to stand up with just some frosting or icing. If you can, my hat is off to you because you are super talented! I need a solid base to build on and the empty juice or milk container is a wonderful base to use. You want to make sure it is fully cleaned out so that the containers don’t start to smell like spoiled milk. (these cottages would not be so sweet then, right?)

I was so excited that I was able to create these structures with the help of the empty container. I think they came out cute and I hope you have fun making yours, as well.




First, you will need to build the base for your structure. 

Place your empty container on your plate and then, use the frosting as your glue and the chocolate grahams to make your cottage.

*Your child will love putting the frosting on the grahams and I guarantee they will not be able to resist licking their fingers clean. Have you ever had strawberry frosting? It is delicious!*


Then, using the whole piece of the chocolate graham (you will need two of these) you can make your roof.



Now, the fun part!

CANDY!!!!!!!  Yes, let’s start decorating with your favorite candies. 



Once you have covered your cottage with candy you will be excited to show it off!


Warning… your child will have their eyes on the candy and will want to eat this adorable cottage right away. : )



I saw this idea on Pinterest and was inspired to make them Cupid’s Cottages instead:


*If you are making these in the classroom and the kids need to bring them home. I suggest having the parents send in cellophane so you can wrap them and/ or cellophane gift bags (you can usually find 2 for a dollar at your local dollar tree).

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