Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers 2019

Easter baskets can be fun-filled without being sugar filled. I remember when I was little my Easter baskets had a little bit of both candy and non-candy items. This year I am excited to include a bunch of non-candy items in their baskets and I am excited to share some fun ideas with all of you on things we have found and played with that we think your kids will love.

Check out our guide below:

(This list is not in any particular order. We truly love all of these toys we are suggesting for your Easter Baskets.)


Egg-Mazing Egg Decorator

I love that there is no mess and the kids really enjoyed creating fun designs on the eggs. It is great for little ones, too. Older kids will want to make more intricate designs while younger kids will be so excited to see the colors appear on the eggs. I truly love this.

“Why didn’t someone hop on this idea sooner? You create endless vibrant designs while this neat little machine spins an egg. Includes 8 really cool, colorful markers and requires 4 AA batteries. No mess, just fun!”

For ages 3-10 yrs, from Hey Buddy Hey Pal LLC.

Find it at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford!  HERE


The Carson AdventurePak™ and BugView™

The Carson AdventurePak™ and BugView™ are the perfect gifts for kids to get a better view of animals, bugs, trees, flowers and so much more. We love to hike and explore our local nature centers and we never forget these great tools from Carson. They are high quality products/ tools that we highly recommend.

Read more: HERE




Butterfly Farm- Uncle Milton

IMG_7816 (2)

“Now you can watch the amazing transformation that turns caterpillars into real butterflies! First, build and decorate your own butterfly habitat. Then, put caterpillars into the transformation chamber and watch the incredible metamorphosis in action. Soon you will have real butterflies flying in your beautiful butterfly farm, ready to release into the world! This Live insect kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful butterfly habitat, plus a magnifying lens for observation, and a stem learning poster that teaches about the 4 stages of metamorphosis: egg, larva, pupa, and adult!” 

Read more: HERE



Jumping Jack

We love Jumping Jack by our friends at Goliath Games !
Have you played? This is a great game for kids to play to help with fine motor skills.

See this game and more: HERE



The Fubbles® Musical Bubble Unicorn

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

“The Fubbles® Musical Bubble Unicorn lights up, plays music and blow bubbles – making it the perfect gift for birthdays and other celebrations!
It’s simple to use – just screw the bubble solution bottle onto the front of the Bubble Unicorn and then squeeze the trigger!

We can not help but, smile as we play with our Musical Bubble Unicorn!
Fun + Bubbles = Fubbles

Find it at your local Target!




Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles

Image may contain: drink and outdoor Image may contain: one or more people, people eating, drink, child, grass, outdoor and nature

Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles!!!!!
Aghhhhhh these smell soooo good. The perfect Easter Basket Filler for the kids in your life. Scented Bubbles from Little Kids Inc.
The Berry Blue is such a great scent. It is Bubble-riffic!

See the entire Jelly Belly Bubble line of products: HERE




“Perfect for Easter Baskets and Spring Bubble Fun! Each PEEPS Bubble Bunny is shaped like the iconic PEEPS bunny candy, and includes 3 fl oz of marshmallow scented bubble solution! Available in three colors: yellow, blue, and pink!”

Find it at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford! HERE



Charades for Kids

Image may contain: text

Pressman Toy Corp has Charades for Kids that makes a great gift for a Family Game Night. We love charades and this version is great for kids ages 4 and up. Adults will love joining in in the fun, as well.

See this game and more: HERE



Crazy Aaron’s Easter Putty

“NEW Crazy Aaron’s Easter Putty Limited Edition for Easter
Includes 1 small 2″ tin of Cheep! Cheep! Sparkle putty Tin is .47ounces
Made in the USA of non-toxic silicone, never dries out & is easily removed from solid surfaces.”

Find it at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford! HERE


Drop Dots

We have been obsessed with Drop Balls from Kess since we hung out with them at the Toy Fair this year. Drop Dots come in vibrant colors and designs and are the coolest bouncy balls your kids will play with. They are easy to catch thanks to the cool texture and design.
Grab these for your kids Easter Baskets and Spring Fun!

You will love DROP DOTS! READ MORE –> HERE


Orbeez Wow World Series 2 Wowzer Surprise

orbeez wowzer 4

Series 2 Wowzer Surprise is so cute!
The girls were so excited to reveal which surprise friend was inside.
We love the Garden of Wonder friends that magically appear inside the globe once you add water. The friend is hidden by the clear orveez inside the globe until you add the water. But, don’t worry the orbeez didn’t disappear. You can empty the water and reveal the magical surprise over and over again.
Collect them all!

Read more: HERE



Soft, Squishy PEEPS®

Peeps that you can Squeeze!, Yes, please.

Super slow rise foam! Squeeze – it’s squishy!
Iconic chick & bunny shapes

These are super fun and a perfect non-candy Easter basket filler for your kids.

See the entire selection: HERE


“With Tonka Tinys, all of your favorite Tonka vehicles are now available in miniature! This exciting new line from Tonka offers all of their iconic rescue, construction, and urban vehicles in awesome tiny versions. Every free-wheeling vehicle is crafted with attention to detail and looks just like the real thing! Each car or truck comes with an individual garage to store your Tonka Tiny – you won’t know which vehicle you’re going to get until you open the garage for an exciting surprise! Appropriate for ages 5 years and up. Collect them all!!”

See the entire collection: HERE





Pomsie Poos

pomsie poos

How cute are Pomsie Poos from Skyrocket?
“Your favorite Pomsies are now in miniature size! Pomsie Poos are ultra-cute, smaller-sized Pomsies plush without the electronics features but still have the long wrap-around tail to take and wear anywhere – it’s the perfect accessory! A heart-shaped clasp also attaches to backpacks, clothing and more.”
Pomsie Poos Series 1 has adorable animals such as Spot the Dog and Sydney the Koala (seen here). There is also fox, bats, raccoons and more. Your kids will love heading out with their Pomsie Poo.
Perfect for kids ages 3+

Read more: HERE


Sunny Bunnies

Do your kids love watching the You-tube sensation, Sunny Bunnies? These silly and chatty bunnies are also, seen on Disney and Disney Junior worldwide.
The girls are having so much fun blasting the 5 bunnies out of the cannon in the Bunny Blast Playset and hugging the soft and cuddly Bunny Blabbers who make funny and silly sounds when you press their tummy. Collect all 5 bunnies!

Read more: HERE



Mash Ems’

We love collecting Mash Ems’ and all the different series are perfect for kids to collect. Harry Potter, Paw Patrol, Incredibles, Sponge Bob, Marvel and so much more…

“Grab hold and squeeze some fun with Mash’ems! Kids favorite characters are now super squishy! Mash’ems are soft, water-filled collectibles that kids love to mash, twist and stretch. Six unique characters in each series to collect.”

Read more: HERE



Cotton Candy Cuties

cotton candy cuties

ZURU Toys Cotton Candy Cuties are such a fun surprise toy!
The Cotton Candy slime is SOOO stretchy and smells so sweet- and you’ll find a surprise squishy in the large Cotton Candy Cuties pops, too! Check out what we found.

Read more: HERE




Funny Bunny

“Let’s Play! Who will be the first player to reach the carrot at the top of the hill? Choose four bunnies of the same color. Then place the card deck face down in an area where all players can reach it. The youngest player goes first by turning over a card from the deck. The card will tell you how many holes you get to hope, either one, two, or three. If there’s another bunny on a hole, you get to jump over him. When you turn over a carrot card on your turn, you get to turn the carrot at the top of the hill until it clicks. Everyone watch out! One of your bunnies may fall through a hole and disappear! The player who makes it to the carrot first wins! What Do You Learn? Counting skills, color recognition, and how to have a “hole” lot of fun! “

Find it at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford! HERE



Kellytoy has created a line of loveable buddies with a spring theme made from super soft marshmallow-like texture and polyester and we love them!

Check out the Spring Squad – Squishmallows with us… HERE



Tito Pull Along

tito the turtle 4

The kids loved pulling Tito along and watching the green water inside move as they pulled him along. Watch out if you don’t keep his shell balanced it will roll off. Such a great toy for learning and playing. 💕🐢
Features a pull along and swirling Tito the Turtle
Watch as the water swirls when you pull Tito along
Natural wood inspired design     Shell can be used separately
Recommended for ages 12 months and up

Read more: HERE


Grumblies Miniacs

grumblies miniacs 4.jpg

Skyrocket presents Grumblies Miniacs!

We are fans of the Grumblies series. We love trying to imitate our favorite Grumblies and make their angry faces. (They truly are so cute).  These blind packs are fun to open and see which of the 12 characters you will find from the first series of Grumblies Miniacs.
There is a hole on the bottom of the figure so you can use them as a pencil topper, too.
So fun, right? We love when you open the blind bag the first thing you notice is the long colorful hair and then you will see the full figure and thanks to the collectors guide you will be able to find out the name of your Grumblie Maniac.
We found: Mudslide, Hex, Surge and Bolt.
We know your kids will love these as much as we do. So fun to collect. 

Read more: HERE




Radz Easter Candy Dispensers

I know, I know the delicious Radz candies are in these (and this is a non- candy post) but, these dispensers are so cute and fun to play with and they also have clips on them to hang on your child’s backpack. We love them for Easter basket fillers and you will, too!

radz easter dispensers 3

We love these Radz dispensers.
The Radz Foamz are squishable and the other Bunny Candy Dispensers are super fun to play with because you can push their tongue out for a delicious Radz candy treat and you can mix the hats up amongst the other bunny candy dispensers.

See the entire collection – HERE



Cutie Cuffs

How can you resist these Unicorn Cutie Cuffs from our friends at Bulls i Toy? These unicorns are huggable and will feel so comfy on your wrist. Bring your unicorn friend wherever you go. With 8 huggable and sparkly friends to collect you are going to want them all.

See the entire collection- HERE



Mashems Wear’ems

mash ems wear ems 4

We are loving our Mashems Wear’ems!
Our friends at Basic Fun Toys has sent us the most adorable collectibles that you can wear.  Have you checked out the Mashems Wear’ems Series 1?
There is 24 wearable squishy animalsnto find, collect and wear. Which ones will you find? We found Snuggles the blue puppy, Nikki the purple Narwhal, Lainey the blue sheep and Purty the pink fox.
So cute! We love these and we know your child will, too!

Read more: HERE




bulls i toy squish ums yummy

We love Squish’ums from our friends at Bulls i Toy
How adorable and squishy are the Pet Boutique Series 2?
The surprise packs contain a new Slo Rise Squish’ Um pet for you to collect. COLLECT ALL 16 SCENTED STYLES OF PETS INCLUDING PUPPIES, KITTENS, BUNNIES AND UNICORNS!
Squish’Ums Yummy series is delightfully fun with their Ice Cream Truck Surprise bag. Inside is a. Ice cream, frozen treat, donut or cupcake. You can collect all 16 brand-new treats! 

See the entire collection: HERE



Crayola Slyme

Play Visions has sent us the Crayola Slyme to check out and it is super sticky and gooey fun for kids ages 3 and up. This sensory fun, sparkly Slyme drips and oozes out of the adorable Crayola containers for lots of fun. The colors are bright and beautiful and these Slyme sets comes in packs of 3 or 6.

Read more: HERE




Lucky Ducks 

lucky ducks

Lucky Ducks Game is an adorable game for little ones to enjoy.
The ducks move in a circle and you need to find your shape amongst the ducks. The first one to find all 3 first wins.
A fun matching game by our friends at Pressman Toy Corp !

See this game and more: HERE



Crayola Dough Eggs


Mold, shape and mix this safe, pliable dough in a fun egg shaped container. Includes 1 oz dough and 1 shape cutter in an egg container.

Read more: HERE




Hide-and-seek Periscope from Hape Toys

We are having so much fun trying to see without being seen and exploring in our own backyard with this awesome Periscope from our friends at Hape Toys.
Made of sustainable bamboo!

Read more: HERE




Nature Detective Set from Hape Toys

I am loving all of these made of Bamboo Sustainable Toys from our friends at Hape Toys. They are made so well and we love to explore.
“Get a close-up look at leaves, bugs and the rest of nature with this handy 4x magnifying glass! When you find something interesting, use the two tones on the whistle to inform your friends.”

Read more: HERE


Playfoam Pals

Hidden inside the squishy, stretchy foam is a mystery surprise – an adorable little friend! Kids can shape and re-shape the colorful bubble foam into so many accessories, from hats to thrones to homes. The non-toxic, no-stick foam is mom friendly. Collect them all!

For ages 5-10 yrs, from Educational Insights/Learning Resources.

Find it at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford! HERE



Cry Babies Magic Tears by IMC Toys 


The popular Cry Babies now in a fun, mini size!

“Make your Easter egg-stra special by including Cry Babies Magic Tears doll Coney – dressed up as a sweet little bunny, in your Easter basket! Coney comes with 6 different accessories, including a water bottle, a lollipop, a pacifier, a bib, a bow and her own little chair to prop her up. Use the mini squeezy water bottle to fill her with water, press her belly and she’ll cry real tears! Also perfect for spring time is her companion Lammy who’s an adorable little lamb. The blisters come in 5 different styles – collect them all!”

Read more: HERE



Micro Wheels

micro wheels

Micro Wheels are super fun to play with because not only are the micro size but, they are fast and do really cool tricks.
These Mini Motorized Machines use boost-up activation. The more you pump, the faster they go.
We opened the garage packs and inside we found one Rare glow in the dark Deliver-e Bot and one Special Edition Metallic Titanium car. There are over 30 cars to collect from our friends at Headstart Toys.

Read more: HERE



Orbeez Squeezables


“Squish, Squeeze, and Play with Orbeez® Squeezables! Choose from an assortment of bright colors these palm-sized Orbeez Squeezables are made for hours of squeezing good fun! Available in either Orbeez or Orbeez Crush!”

Read more: HERE




Aqua Squisheez

IMG_8010 (2)

Aqua Squisheez represents a totally new concept in squishy and grow products. Filled with a material that expands in water, Aqua Squisheez will “inflate“ five times their original size in 10-15 minutes after emerging in water. Once inflated they become super soft and squishy, and will not dry out or shrink! Lots of fun to watch grow, and even more fun to squish and play with! There are five styles to choose from.

Read more: HERE



My Fairy Garden® Scented Garden Fairies and My Fairy Garden®


Each of the My Garden Scented fairies smell like the flower it comes with. There is Rosie, Sweet Pea and Jasmine. And each fairy comes with a butterfly that can go into a clip that you can wear in your hair.


IMG_7836 (2)

We love My Fairy Garden® for Spring Fun! I love that these adorable sets come with dirt and magical seeds. Your kids will love these.

Read more: HERE




Looking to fill your baskets even more?

I recently headed over to our local dollar tree and found some incredible items like: jump ropes, puzzles, playing cards, fun packs that have coloring activities inside, bubbles and so much more. I love that the toys have some of our kids favorite licensed characters on them, as well. I saw lots of characters on these items such as the Avengers, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol, Hatchimals, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The dollar tree has a great selection of crafty items, spring fun (like kites, outdoor games, gardening gloves, seeds and flower pots) and toys for kids.


IMG_8128 (2)

I am the type of parent that loves to stick some traditional Easter candies in the basket (like jelly beans and a chocolate bunny or two and of course a small package of Peeps) but, I am excited to fill their baskets with some pretty awesome toys, as well. I hope this guide helps you find something your kids will love and enjoy opening this Easter morning.

Hope the Easter Bunny treats you good this year!

easter bunny girls

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

And a HUGE Thank you to our friends at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford for helping us with this list of great toys. Shop local!

fun stuff toys logo 3639 Merrick Rd Seaford, NY 11783

                                       Phone:  (516) 409-8697

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