Hairdooz from Headstart

“Find the Doo for You”- Hairdooz

Hairdooz come hidden in super cute bottles that double as mini salons. Spin open the bottle to reveal the Doo for you. Your Doo can sit in her salon chair, or try the flip and stick so you can take your Doo anywhere with yoo! There are 12 dooz to collect in Wave 1, which hit stores this May 2019. Keep your eye out!


The Hairdooz Bottle Capsule contains:
1 x Hairdoo
1 x Bottle Capsule
1 x Styling Chair
1 x Suction Cup
1 x Hairdresser’s Cape
1 x Collector’s Guide



The girls were so excited to see what doo was inside.

They opened the package and spun the bottle to reveal the doll inside. 

My oldest daughter was so happy to see that she got Cupcake Doo.

“Fab foodie Candy’s loves the challenge of food themed dooz! Yum! “


Her hair smells so good and we love the two cupcake pigtails that she has. 


My youngest daughter got Rainbow Fuzzidoo!

“Lights! Camera! Action! Superstar Sparkle loves shines when she is center of attention!”


Her hair is awesome and super fun to style.

We can not wait to collect more and hopefully find the rare color change hair!

Check your local stores these are available now.


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