Color by Playfoam®

We love the latest editions to Educational Insights amazing Playfoam®. 

We love playing and creating fun things with our Playfoam® and the new Color by Playfoam® sets are not only fun to create but, they look great displayed in your child’s room.

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Educational Insights says, “Create squishy, squashy works of art with Playfoam! Use the included tool to squish colors into each section of the unicorn canvas, then scoop it out and start all over again!”



Each set includes:

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5 Playfoam colors, unicorn or dragon themed canvas with divided sections, squisher tool, and stand for display.


The girls could not wait to get started with their Color by Playfoam sets. They loved that they could follow the colors that were displayed on the box or they could create their own. 

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I love how bright the Playfoam colors are and how great these canvases came out.  We really enjoyed making the unicorn and dragon (we really hope that Educational Insights comes out with more designs, so we can do more of these). They are a lot of fun.

What I truly love about these sets is that you can change the design if you want to. You can keep on display what you created for a little while and then change up the colors a few days later.  Because the Playfoam doesn’t dry out you can keep it out and use it over and over , again. It is that awesome! 


Why do we love Playfoam so much?

*Playfoam is non-toxic 

* it never dries out, so the fun never ends

*comes in beautiful colors

*it is fun to squish and mold

*it is the perfect travel toy


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Be sure to use the stand to display your child’s amazing work of art. They will be so proud to display it.


We highly recommend these sets for your child.

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