Earth Day Neighborhood Safari

All week long, National Geographic has been celebrating Earth Day on their newly launched, NatGeo@Home.

National Geographic’s Hub is filled with enriching learning resources helping parents and teachers find content for kids and students that will keep them engaged and empowered to make the world a better place. Celebrating Earth Day all week long (April 17-22), the hub’s offerings will inspire families to celebrate the planet from home – from engaging animal videos and DIY projects, to daily live talks from National Geographic Explorers, Nat Geo has set up a virtual base camp to keep the spirit of exploration and adventure strong for kids.


“In addition to the NatGeo@Home online resource, National Geographic is also encouraging families across the globe to bring the wonders of the wild world to their neighborhood with an Earth Day Neighborhood Safari, as a way of staying connected with both nature and each other. Families can design their own “safari stop” with the resources available on NatGeo@Home and can encourage their friends and neighbors to do the same while sharing your safari shots on social media with #NatGeoEarthDayAtHome!”

Fun ways to show off your neighborhood safari would be by having your family show off their art skills with:

Sidewalk Chalk Sketches

Have your child create their own animal drawings with chalk and then post it on social media.


nat geo chalk



Original Drawings or Artwork

Have your child create their own drawings and display them in your window or share their pictures on social media with the hashtag #NatGeoEarthDayAtHome.

newspaper koala 2

Newspaper Koalas are such a cute upcycle craft.
Just cut out the shapes of the Koala’s 2 ears, face and body as well as, 2 white circles and 2 smaller black circles from construction paper for the eyes, a black construction paper nose and mouth.
Color a colorful background on a white piece of paper and glue your koala pieces all together on that sheet of paper.
Easy and fun.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it so much!



Coloring Pages:

“A child colors a page from the National Geographic Safari project while at home while on quarantine during Covid-19.”

(Rebecca Hale, National Geographic)nat geo color

The coloring pages available to print are beautiful.


Join the fun like we did with National Geographic. 

Read more: HERE

nat geo image


We highly recommend National Geographic’s new resourceful hub, NatGeo@Home and their brand new Neighborhood Safari campaign to encourage exploration from the home ahead of Earth Day!



Looking for more animal fun with National Geographic? 

Check out their National Geographic Kids interactive website: HERE

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