Taking Care Of A Dog: A Responsibility For The Whole Family

Your children have probably been pressuring you to get a family pet as early as they could talk. As parents, the idea of taking on additional responsibility right now might not be all that appealing. However, getting a dog might just provide you with the help you need as this will teach kids about responsibility. Children who grow up with pets learn to quickly empathize and care for someone other than themselves, and they will learn to fulfill the needs of those who rely on them. So, getting your family a pet is a great lesson as much as it is a great reward. Involve them in training a new puppy and learning what it takes to be a responsible pet owner. Read on to find out what taking care of a dog entails, and how it can bring your family together as you share the responsibility.

Taking Daily Walks and Exercising

Once you get a dog, you will soon learn that daily walks are vital as this is where your pup goes to potty. The best thing about this is that as a family, you can all share the responsibility so that it does not fall on one person – mainly, mom! Daily walks help to stimulate your dog and it will be a great way for each family member to take turns getting a little exercise on these nature walks. This will truly establish teamwork as the whole family can take different shifts; each child can alternative between the morning shift before school and the afternoon shift afterward, while the parents can take on the evening shift.

Outdoor walks aren’t restricted to potty training and toilet breaks either. Your dog will need to exercise as well. So, you will have to dedicate a couple of hours each day for your dog to run around, play fetch, and make use of all that energy. Stimulating your dog by allowing him to engage in physical activity will ensure he or she is calm indoors and therefore, they will behave better. So, the outdoor tasks will need to be delegated among each family member which is a great way to implement a fit lifestyle for everyone as you run around, playing fetch with your pup.


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Implementing a Routine – Feeding Times

Another great way to teach your kids about responsibility is by making sure they follow a routine when it comes to caring for their dog. This includes refilling the dog’s water bowl several times a day, establishing fixed feeding times, and measuring the amount of food you provide your dog with. It’s necessary for a family to understand the importance of a healthy diet for your dog, and you can teach your children about this by picking appropriate dog food together. Explain to your children why a balanced diet is vital and why you have to provide your dog with his or her meals at the same time every day to help with digestion. You can also explain that it is very important for your dog’s health to maintain the right weight for its breed. 

While it is great for the whole family to select the right food together, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices out there when it comes to dog food. This is where you’ll have to do some research, as the reviews at https://www.treehousepuppies.com/dog/meals/ollie-dog-food-review/ explain, no two dogs are alike. So, opting for a brand that offers personalized meals might be the best solution. You can choose meals that fulfill your dog’s needs, are flavorful and delicious, and adhere to the no artificial ingredients rule for optimal health.

Maintaining a Clean Environment 

Lastly, a responsibility for the whole family to undertake will be maintaining a clean environment for your pet. This is the time to encourage your children to tidy up after themselves once and for all. Explain to them how important it is to not leave toys or shoes around that the dog can chew. You can also get the kids involved when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your dog’s food and water bowls. Help your kids understand the importance of creating a healthy living space for your pet and give them the responsibility of helping you clean up as well as make sure that there’s nothing lying around the house that is hazardous to your dog’s health. 

Raising a dog is a very rewarding experience that will teach your children about unconditional love. The great thing is that a family pet is the whole family’s responsibility, and you will all appreciate each other more by lending a helping hand as you work together to create a safe, happy, and healthy life for your pet. Plus, the responsibilities your children learn from owning a pet will motivate them to incorporate the same discipline into other things that they care about.


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