Extra Fun Ideas this Halloween

Since Halloween is a Saturday we suggest having some extra fun this year and possibly creating some new traditions with your family. This year celebrating Halloween may feel different because of the coronavirus but, it can still be so much fun! We have some fun game ideas, spooky science ideas and some extra fun you can have with Halloween treats.

Fun ways to Trick or Treat at home:

*Trick or Treating indoors

My daughters want to have a Halloween door decorating contest and then, they want to trick or treat at each bedroom in our house. They will dress up and then we will all take a turn trick or treating at the doors. I thought this was cute and it reminds me of when we go to our local high school for their Trick or Treat street and the high school students decorate the rooms with different themes and they give out candy and have some activities inside each room for the kids to do. This year we have been all extra creative and thinking out of the box and I think this will be A LOT of fun and memorable.

*Go on a candy hunt

I bought some Glow in the Dark Eggs and I am going to fill them with candy and have the girls go on a Halloween egg hunt. One of my good friends, Michelle mentioned this idea to me a couple of months ago. She also suggested drawing faces on Easter Eggs you already have and having the kids go on a Halloween Egg Hunt. I went into my Easter Bin and found some plastic eggs and I drew some fun Halloween characters on some eggs that I thought were “Halloween colors”. I am thinking purple eggs for Bats, witches and monsters. Green eggs for Frankenstein, a witch or a monster and orange eggs for Jack O Lanterns. If you don’t have eggs you can tape a piece of candy to some glow sticks for a night time candy hunt. 💕🎃

Poke a Pumpkin or Ghost

A festive way to make sure everyone gets an equal number of treats is Poke A Pumpkin or Poke A Ghost.

See how to make it: HERE

Decorate an Edible Haunted House

Using your Gingerbread House mold does not have to be just for the Christmas season. We love decorating gingerbread house so much that we decided to make one for Halloween this year and start a new family tradition.

During the Halloween season there is so many fun candies and sprinkles out for you to buy at your local stores and use to decorate your edible Haunted House. We had so much fun using gummi worms, edible eyes, Halloween sprinkles and so much more to decorate our house. We will show you how we made ours and the awesome mold we use. Click Here

Make a DIY Halloween tree out of Cardboard Boxes

I love an upcycle craft and we had a bunch of cardboard boxes lying around so we decided to make our own “Halloween Tree”.

Want to make your own? All you need to do is grab some boxes out of your recycle bin, have the kids make some “ornaments” out of construction paper and use some dollar store finds to add some finishing touches.  Read more

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Have a Pumpkin Carving Contest with your family and judge them with different categories like: scariest, cutest and most creative.

Spooky Science

Spooky Science with your kids. We did this years ago with the kids and they laughed so hard and loved seeing the Balloon expand. The science: when the baking soda and vinegar mix it forms carbon dioxide which makes the balloon expand.

DIY Pumpkin Playdough

I love to use items I already have in my pantry to make something the kids can play with and that will be a great sensory activity. It is Fall and we love the smell of pumpkin. I tried a few recipes and this recipe worked best to make a pumpkin play dough. Your toddler can help mix it up and I love when my daughter gets to be part of the DIY process from beginning to end. However, it is a recipe that is good for one day of playing fun. Read more

Other things we plan on doing are Bobbing for apples, Halloween charades and Dance to Halloween music.

No matter how you spend Halloween with your family this year make new memories and just have fun!

We hope you have a fantastic Halloween!

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