Poke A Pumpkin Game

A festive way to make sure everyone gets an equal number of treats is Poke A Pumpkin. Insert the treats inside of each orange tissue paper covered cup. Each child in your class or party will get a turn for a fun surprise.


What you will need is:

A black foam board

Plastic cups

Orange Tissue Paper

1 piece of Green Construction Paper

One White Piece of Construction Paper

Black Sharpie Marker

Assorted Prizes/ Candy

Rubber bands


First. hot glue the cups to the black foam board. (see our example below)

*Make sure you hot glue the top cup where the green stem will go upside down.*


Then, put your prizes inside of the cups.


Cut a stem out of the green construction paper and glue it to the top cup that is facing down.

Cut out large squares of orange tissue paper. You want them large enough to cover the top of the plastic cup that the prizes are in and go about half way down the cup.

poke-a-pumpkin-3 poke-a-pumpkin-5

Cover each cup with orange tissue paper and then use a rubber band to secure the tissue paper on top of the cup.


How to play:

Have each child poke a pumpkin to get their prize.

It is that simple and easy and everyone gets a fair chance of winning a prize.

Perfect for a classroom party!



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