How to Maintain the Results of Weight-Loss Surgery

According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, 95% of weight-loss surgery patients will regain 5% of their body fat. The recovery of fat after a weight-loss operation is not much if it happens at all. On the other hand, people who lost weight without surgery tend to lose less fat and even regain more. 

However, the superiority of weight-loss surgery doesn’t mean that you should care less about gaining the fat you’ve already lost via surgery. Depending on the type of surgery you had, you can still regain the lost weight. Hence, you need to be mindful of your diet after getting through a weight loss procedure. 

You Must Be Disciplined!

Maintaining the surgery results is a must-do procedure that cements the surgeon’s effort on your body and lays the foundation for a new and healthy lifestyle. Much like food dressings complement your dishes and give them an extra finesse, the perks you get from maintaining your weight loss surgery result are delightful and will help you enjoy your new weight. However, many of the procedures done by a reputable surgeon to get your dream body also require commitment and discipline on your part. For one, the outrageous amount of tempting junk food out there — pizzas, hamburgers, carbonated beverages, and more — can effortlessly make you derail from your weight-loss maintenance goal. 

Moreover, fat is easier to gain than lose, and if you don’t find a maintenance scheme to latch into soon, you might lose all your surgery gains. Knowing several ways to maintain your body is essential and makes keeping fit fun. By exploring the different ways to sustain weight-loss surgery results, you’ll figure out the most favorable ones. Also, you’ll have a variety of ways to stay in shape.

Endeavor to do Mindful Eating

Adding mindful eating to your weight maintenance is an excellent way to kick-start. With mindful eating, you don’t have to bother about rigorous diets that are hard to follow. Even if you’re a big eater, you’ll realize that savoring your food’s delicious taste can help you cut down on your caloric intake. Just make sure that you chew with awareness while you eat and enjoy the food rather than quickly gulp it to spoon more. 

Plus, this slower eating method could make you satisfied with less food, hence reducing your caloric intake per meal. For example, when eating foods that come in large pieces, you might only realize you’ve overdone it when you finish it as if it was a  quick meal. However, slowly savoring your food can help to learn when you’ve had your fill of the food. 

Rally the Troops

Sometimes all you need is a support system— partner, sibling, parent, or close friends — who can help you to stay on track with all the temptations and stress surrounding you. If you have people like these around, you can ease into a healthy lifestyle in a fun, loving, encouraging, and relaxed manner. Just make sure to point out what you might consider as overly pushy behavior with your folks not to lose control of the weight maintenance. 

Stay Hydrated

Depending on how much water your body can take, gulping down some H2O can help you cut down on the amount of food you eat. Though too much water isn’t ideal, you can neglect ideas that say you must drink a specific amount and just drink generously and as much as your body can take. Maintaining your weight-loss surgery result can also become a substitute for having sugar drinks or alcohol, which harm your weight loss journey and your health.

Get Active, Stay Active

Kick-starting your week with enough activity to keep your body burning calories for the next couple of days is an excellent way to go. Even if you can’t make fantastic fitness moves as you see on the media, put some work in. By staying lean, you’re not in a  competition with anyone but yourself. You want to make sure that your body becomes a fat repelling machine. It is better to do your exercises earlier in the day. Working out in the evening can require extra motivation, and the body is generally preparing to shut down at that time. 

Maintaining your body after weight-loss surgery will not only get you looking your best and keeping fat at bay, but it will help you develop a healthy lifestyle and give you peace of mind about your body. By practicing any of these ways we’ve discussed, you can make your body even more lovable than after weight-loss surgery.

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