Fill up your Water Balloons with a Dollar Store Water Shooter

It is Summer and my family loves a good water balloon fight.

Happy Kids (and adults) in the summer = Water Balloons

It is such a fun way to stay cool and keeps everyone moving. We were having so much fun with our water balloons and we used up all of our Bunch O Balloons. (insert- Super Sad face here LOL)

I can not imagine filling water balloons the way we used to when we were kids. Standing in front of the kitchen sink and filling them one by one. It took so much time to fill them all up and I remember getting water EVERYWHERE as you pulled the end of the water balloon off the faucet. Bunch O Balloons is Absolutely Genius and saves so much time! As a parent I am so happy that this is the way we can fill water balloons for our kids in the summer time. Summer Parties have gotten so much easier because of this amazing toy/ product.

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News 12- Ugly Holiday Sweater DIY

The holiday section of the dollar store is filled with ornaments, ribbons and bows, poinsettia clips and Christmas tree skirts that all can be used to create some fun ugly holiday wear.

Having a theme party does not have to break the bank. Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminti (Momee Friends of Long Island) have some fun ideas for you to create your party with items from your local dollar store.

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Festive Christmas/ Holiday Drinking Cup

I absolutely love these plastic ornament glasses that you can create with items from your local dollar store.

These DIY Festive glasses are perfect for an Ugly Sweater Holiday party!

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DIY Halloween Cardboard Box Costumes

Halloween will be here before we know it and sometimes we need to think  “OUT OF THE BOX” for fun and inexpensive costumes or in our case make them literally out of a box.

 collage box costumes

That’s right! You read it correctly all of the costumes seen below can be made out of a box and done inexpensively. When kids are young they say they have more fun with the box the expensive toys came in then the toy itself. I would say that is 100% true even for Halloween costumes!

Our first costume is the Rubix Cube:

rubix cube 1

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Pool Noodle Boats

I love using Pool Noodles to craft with and during the summer months the dollar store has them in a variety of colors. These Pool Noodle Boats are fun to craft and play with in the water. Fun for kids of all ages.

pool noodle boat

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Pool Noodle Monsters

This is a fun craft and activity that turns your dollar store pool noodles into not so scary Pool Noodle Monsters.


Once you make one Pool Noodle Monster your kids are going to want to keep making more. See how to make one:

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