Pool Noodle Boats

I love using Pool Noodles to craft with and during the summer months the dollar store has them in a variety of colors. These Pool Noodle Boats are fun to craft and play with in the water. Fun for kids of all ages.

pool noodle boat

What you need:

Pool Noodles (any color you like)

Flexible Straws

Foam Sheets (any color you like)


Utility Knife or Razor  **ADULTS USE ONLY**


First, have an adult cut the pool noodle. the pool noodle boat should be anywhere from 3 to 5 inches high.


Cut the bendy part of the straws off


Cut the foam pieces into the shape of a sail


Insert the straw into the foam pieces and then insert them into the cut pool noodle piece.

boat4 boat5

boat unnamed

Then, put the pool noodle boats into water. Your kids will love to see them float in a container or bring them into the bath or a kiddie pool with them.


From my Momee Craft corner to yours… Happy Crafting!

I was inspired by Pinterest to do this craft!  See more ideas —> click here

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