Pool Noodle Monsters

This is a fun craft and activity that turns your dollar store pool noodles into not so scary Pool Noodle Monsters.


Once you make one Pool Noodle Monster your kids are going to want to keep making more. See how to make one:

All you need is:

Pool Noodles (from your local dollar tree) – any colors you like

Google Eyes (all different sizes)

Pipe Cleaners (all colors)

and a hot glue gun

utility knife



CAUTION: For the first two steps you need an adult! Kids should not use a utility knife or hot glue gun.

First, have an adult cut down the pool noodles to smaller sizes with a utility knife.

Then, have the adult who is supervising the activity hot glue how many eyes you want on your pool noodle monster.


Now it is the kids turn to have some fun. Cut the pipe cleaners into different sizes and let them use the pipe cleaners for arms and hair.

monsters8 monsters7

This is a great sensory and fine motor activity.

No monster will look the same and your child will love these not so scary monsters.

monsters1 monsters2


Mia loved making these and my little assistant thought it would be funny to get a picture of her being scary too!


But our little ones just like these Pool Noodle Monsters are not so scary… they are adorable!


From my Momee Craft Corner to yours…


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