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We are getting crafty for Halloween with some fun DIY costumes that we hope you get inspired by to make your own costumes this Halloween.

Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminiti (Momee Friends of Long Island) show you how to make your own costumes with items around your home and that are inexpensive to create and so much fun to wear.

We made some fun costumes that include some tasty foods and treats.



Skittles are fun and bright and who could not love the huge smile that comes with a Skittle costume.

You will need a red shirt, headband, red, orange, yellow, green, dark purple and white felt. 


For the headband, cut out large felt circles with the red, orange, yellow, green and dark purple felt. You will stuff each one and seal with a hot glue gun. Please have an adult use the hot glue gun as it gets very hot and we don’t want anyone to burn their fingers. 



Cut some large white S’s out of white felt (large enough to fit inside most of the colorful circles.) I suggest stacking and glueing the colorful stuffed circles to the headband first, then add the white felt S’s. 



Then, cut smaller circles with all the different colored felt and small white s’s to attach to them for the shirt. First, write Skittles in white acrylic paint and then cover the shirt in felt skittles. Be sure to have an adult use the hot glue gun to attach the skittles to ths shirt. Do not put the shirt on someone till the shirt is completely dry and cool.




Everyone loves movie theatre popcorn, don’t we? For this costume you will need 2 pieces of foam board, a white t-shirt and a white hat, packing peanuts, red curling ribbon and both red and yellow acrylic paint. 


First, paint your packing peanuts (not completely) with the yellow acrylic paint to make it look like butter on popcorn. 

Once, the packing peanuts are dry have an adult glue them all over the white hat and on the top part of the white t-shirt. Be sure to put the packing peanuts on the top front of the shirt, sleeves and top back of the shirt. 

For the foam board all you need to do is paint red strips vertically. We cut the board shorter so it was not the full length of the child’s body so they can walk around easier. Once the stripes dry on one of the foam board pieces paint the word POPCORN in big and bold black letters with the black acrylic paint and then have an adult hot glue some of the popcorn pieces along the top of the board. I then attached red curling ribbon to make straps on each side of the board to hold it in place when it rests on the person’s shoulders.



Tootsie Roll

A fun costume for Halloween since you will always find a Tootsie Roll in your Trick or Treat bag. All you need is foam board, oak tag, red foam pieces, brown and white acrylic paint, twine and a headband. 

Paint your foam board brown. Cut out the ruffle wrapper with your white oak tag and two long red strips of red foam board for the red accents on the Tootsie Roll wrapper. Once the foam board is dry attach the pieces. Do these steps two times so you can have a front and back for the tootsie roll. 


Once you have the Tootsie Roll complete just paint the words TOOTSIE ROLL in a bold white print with your acrylic white paint to just the front piece. 


I made a smaller version of the tootsie roll and attached it to the top of the headband. 




Mac and Cheese

This has to be one of my favorite costumes I have created. It is so cute!

You will need a yellow winter beanie hat (I had one that my craft neighbor, Joanne crocheted for my daughter), a yellow t-shirt, a white laundry basket from your local dollar tree, blue oak tag, toilet paper rolls, cardboard, aluminum foil, yellow and black acrylic paints.


First, paint your toilet paper rolls yellow and once dry you can have an adult attach the toilet paper rolls to the yellow beanie hat. Please be sure to be very careful when glueing these to the hat. The hat can have many holes in it (especially if it is crocheted) making it easier to burn your fingers when hot glueing. Cover the hat with the “noodles”. 


Then, hot glue the toilet paper rolls to the top front and top back of the shirt and the sleeves.


To make the Mac and Cheese bowl you will just need a dollar store white basket, and blue oak tag. Have an adult use a utility knife to cut the bottom of the basket out. Cut your oak tag in half and wrap it around the basket. Sealing the top of the oak tag to the top of the basket with hot glue. (Again, have an adult do these steps!)



Once dry and cool, paint the words Mac and Cheese on the front with the yellow and black acrylic paints.


You have to be able to eat that cheesy mac and cheese. Make a fork by cutting the shape out of cardboard and wrapping the cardboard fork in aluminum foil.



Watch out your little sister might try and eat you up!




We had to make some fun recognizable characters, too.


One of our favorite movies and I wanted to make an easy costume that a boy or girl can wear because let’s face it we are all incredible! All you need is a red t-shirt, black foam board, oak tag, yellow felt, black, yellow and white acrylic paint.

I just cut a white circle out of oak tag and then painted the symbol with black and yellow paint (seen below). I then cut the yellow felt “i” and cut one white circle of oak tag to be able to assemble the entire recognizable incredible symbol for the front of the shirt. 


I hot glued the symbol to the front of the shirt and then, I hot glued yellow felt strips to the bottom of the shirt, as well. Please have an adult use the hot glue gun because it will be very hot. Do not put the shirt on yourself or a child until the shirt is completely cool and dry. 


I simply cut the shape of the mask out with foam board and used a long rubber band to make the elastic for the mask so you can easily put it on and off. This took a little bit of trial and error because you have to cut the mask to fit the person’s face.



Fancy Nancy

Oh that Fancy Nancy she is so fancy with her tutu, fancy sunglasses, feather pink boa and pretty necklaces. I found all the items at my local dollar store for my youngest to be one of her favorite characters, Fancy Nancy!


Where’s Waldo

We all love Where’s Waldo and this is a fun and easy costume to complete. All you need is a red long sleeve shirt, white duct tape, magnifying lass, dollar store plastic glasses, a winter hat and toilet paper rolls and white curling ribbon.


Make the binoculars by painting the toilet paper rolls black. Once dry have an adult hot glue the toilet paper rolls together. Wrap some white duct tape around the front of the “binoculars” and add white curling ribbon to make a necklace.

I found the plastic glasses and magnifying glass in the toy section of the dollar store and i had the winter beanie hat made by my next door neighbor. 


For the shirt just attach the white duct tape to the front (as seen below).

A fun and adorable costume of one of the most iconic characters. 





Please tune into News 12 Long Island this morning for some fun DIY Costume ideas with one of our favorite local Momees, Elizabeth Hashagen. Why spend a lot of money on a costume when you can create a costume for little money, yourself. Which one is your favorite we would love to hear your input!

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