Fill up your Water Balloons with a Dollar Store Water Shooter

It is Summer and my family loves a good water balloon fight.

Happy Kids (and adults) in the summer = Water Balloons

It is such a fun way to stay cool and keeps everyone moving. We were having so much fun with our water balloons and we used up all of our Bunch O Balloons. (insert- Super Sad face here LOL)

I can not imagine filling water balloons the way we used to when we were kids. Standing in front of the kitchen sink and filling them one by one. It took so much time to fill them all up and I remember getting water EVERYWHERE as you pulled the end of the water balloon off the faucet. Bunch O Balloons is Absolutely Genius and saves so much time! As a parent I am so happy that this is the way we can fill water balloons for our kids in the summer time. Summer Parties have gotten so much easier because of this amazing toy/ product.

But, if you use up all the Bunch O Balloons and still want to have water balloon fun, I suggest this fun way of filling up the water balloons that came from the mind of my soon to be 7-year old daughter. I LOVE HER CREATIVE IDEAS SO MUCH! If you tell her something can not be done she loves the challenge and will work at finding a solution. A future scientist, maybe?

All you need is water balloons and a dollar store water shooter. I love these dollar store water shooters for so many reasons. Kids of all ages can easily use them and they are only one dollar!

My daughter figured out that the water shooter fit the perfect amount of water to fill the water balloon up.

Once the shooter is filled with water put the balloon on the tip of the shooter. Once the balloon is on the tip, you can push down and the water balloon will fill up.


A fun summer time tip from our backyard to yours!

However, parents beware you will be tying each water balloon up because the little ones can not do it themselves.


Hope you have as much fun with your water balloons, as we did!


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